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Celebrating 50 Years Of Marriage? Ways To Make It Grand With/For Your Better Half

Guest post by Ben Schorr

The wish to please your partner on that special day of your marriage anniversary never dies out, especially when you feel destined to be with each other forever. The 50th year is the most marked occasion in the life of a married couple. The golden jubilee of love, trust, and togetherness deserve to be celebrated. But with 50 years of marriage, you may be running out of gift ideas for each other or ways to make the celebration grander. So keep reading to find out some ways to make it special with/for your better half.

Travelling to your dream destination

As a couple, you may have been dreaming of travelling to a dream destination for years but never got around to it or didn’t have the means to make it happen. Fifty years is a long time, and if you’ve been a working couple in the past, you may have strengthened your finances to fund a trip to your dream destination. Also, if your children or family members ask about your gift preferences for the golden jubilee, you can tell them about your travel plan, and they’ll be happy to contribute or even fund the entire trip.

Plan a get-together with family and friends

You care for companionship, experiences and personalised presents more than ever at this time in your lives. Thoughtful gift ideas that provide lasting impressions are more valuable. You’re possibly feeling nostalgic about the times gone by. Your friends and family are perhaps spread all over the world, and you don’t get to see them as often as you used to. Quit grieving and call them to express your wish for a get-together for your 50th wedding anniversary. Invite them to come over casually over call and take your family’s help to send out proper invites well in advance. Mention the date, time and location of the event clearly. Hire a catering service for food options, presentation and convenience.

Learn something together

The ability to pick up new skills may get difficult with age, but preparing a beginner’s mind is not impossible. Don’t be afraid to learn something new if you’re hell-bent on achieving it. Things like fear of society can come in the way of your intentions. But you can look upto the creators of Starbucks (51 years old) and IBM (61 years old) and take inspiration from them. Enrol for some classes, online or in real life, that you can participate in and learn from. Maybe as a couple, you’ve always wanted to learn baking or photography. Make your dreams come true as you sign-up to learn from the masters at Masterclass. You can complete the lessons at your own pace.

Make a booking for self-care

As a golden anniversary couple, you deserve to pamper yourselves. Many services offer coupons on birthdays and anniversaries. You can book an appointment for spa service at home or visit a massage centre for some pampering. Feel free to accept gift cards from friends or family. Some self-care allows you to heal your mind, body and soul. You will also experience great relief in easing muscle tensions and knots.

Exchange gift baskets

With 50 years of experience, you know each other well enough to put together a personalised gift basket for your partner. It can contain special food items, sweet treats, cards, letters etc. and make for an exceptional collection of 50th-anniversary gifts.


Spending 50 years with the love of your life is a big deal. Celebrate it in your style and convenience.