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Cheap Events For Students To Attend In London

Guest post by Skiddle Staff

Everyone knows London isn’t exactly the cheapest place on Earth. It can be pretty boujee, to say the least. But being a student is all about living off Pot Noodles, scraping by on pennies, and, obviously, going out as often as possible, which can be tricky seeing as a pint can cost upwards of 6 or 7 pounds. As a student, it’s essential to find top nights out that are perfect for skint students.

There are loads of events in London that are cheap as chips and designed specifically with students in mind. Of course, finding them can be a bit tricky, with all the lectures, work, and writing essays until the crack of dawn high on energy drinks. So let’s not mess about. Here are some of the best, cheapest student nights out in London…

Hashtag Parties at Tiger Tiger

Tiger Tiger has been a staple of London’s nightlife for over three decades now. The iconic nightclub even has locations outside the capital. With CO2 cannons, dancers, confetti and photographers to help you piece the night back together in the AM starting at just £5, nights out at Tiger Tiger can be fantastic value for money. And with events taking place almost every day of the week, it’s easy to squeeze in a visit. Oh, and there are six different rooms, so there’s always a banger playing somewhere.

Friday’s and Saturday’s at Egg London

As the above suggests, every Friday and Saturday, Egg, an iconic superclub, sells tickets to students for as little as £5.80. For over a decade the superclub has hosted some of the best events London has to offer. Egg’s parties are somewhat notorious, raging on until 6 AM. And both Friday and Saturday nights are dedicated to showcasing the best in techno and house music to around 900 wavy music fans looking to leave their responsibilities behind for the night. And birthday people get in free!


Every Tuesday night, XOYO, in the heart of Shoreditch, blasts a mix of hip hop, RnB, techno, and house for a bunch of rowdy, fun-loving students. Tickets start at a bank account friendly price of £5 with £3 drinks all night long. With a little help from pres, it’d be easy to do the whole night for less than £30. The club is known for its electric atmosphere, hyped-up crowds, super cheap drinks, and top tunes. At the end of the day, that’s all that’s needed for an unreal night out.

FADE at Fire & Lightbox

Fire and Lightbox, two underground clubs that are often referred to as London’s best, join forces to put on a cheap and cheerful student night every Wednesday. What’s unique about this night is that the first 200 tickets are completely free. So as long as a group of students can get plans sorted in advance, this could be an incredibly cheap do. The event, like many student nights, boasts student prices. Or, in this case, “crazy student drinks deals”. Sounds like a top night!

2022 Official London Freshers Wristband

Now, this is the most expensive on the list but works out cheaper as it’s essentially a bulk deal. The cheapest wristband is available for £20. This covers entry to six freshers nights over the warm-up week in some of the city’s most iconic venues, a freshers T-shirt, and a lanyard. But the best value is the golden wristband which grants entry to all the warm-up week events, all events in week one, two, and three, as well as VIP access, queue jump, and a T-shirt and lanyard. This one’s available for £60, although, to make the most out of it, it requires a lot of stamina. Separate wristbands are also available for weeks one, two and three.

Monday Banana Pub Crawls

Every Monday, Heaven and Simmons Bar host the craziest central London parties. Tickets are available for just £8, granting you access to both clubs, so long as you remember to leave Simmons at midnight to get into Heaven, where you’ll jump the queue. The ticket also includes drinks discounts at Simmons with spirits and beers coming in at £2.50 each and a free warm up shot. The night starts at 10:30 and goes strong until 4 AM.

Milkshake’s Midweek Student Sesh at Ministry Of Sound

With a nightclub, a record label, a compilation album, a radio station and a million other projects under the brand’s belt, Ministry Of Sound needs no introduction. One of the world’s most recognisable clubbing brands, MOS has collaborated with Milkshake to bring a Tuesday night session to the students of London. With the biggest booming speakers, £3.50 drinks, and a bunch of pyro, including CO2 cannons and confetti, MOS knows how to put on a memorable night.

London Freshers Pounded

Cheap Events For Students To Attend In London

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This one’s a little while away, but it’s such a steal. Tickets will sell out in no time. At a venue that’s yet to be announced, this shockingly cheap event will be £1 entry, serve £1 drinks, and keep spirits high with £1 shots. Since the event won’t be going down until late September, information about it is limited. But it’s without a single doubt the cheapest London freshers event going down this year. So get everything arranged and get on it before tickets inevitably sell out!

While London may appear a dear do at first glance, there are lots of student-friendly nights out just waiting to be discovered. Didn’t quite find the perfect event? Check out Skiddle’s London event guide for a huge variety of thrilling events that are designed to create life-long memories. Or, y’know, maybe not, depending on how mad predrinks is.