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Connected London: How to Get Low Cost Internet Access at Home and on the Move

Saving money on your broadband costs

By Ewen Stevens (Sponsored Post)

London has a population of eight million people. Add to that another 16 million visitors per year and you have a lot people looking to get online at some point. Thankfully, the capital is one of the UK’s most connected areas and whether you’re a resident or a tourist you can easily get hooked up in the city.

Londoners can find many things to complain about whether it’s over-priced housing or over-crowded tube travel but one thing they can’t complain about is broadband speeds. In fact, a recent test by BT and Alcatel-Lucent has achieved the fastest ever broadband speeds across the city. The 1.4 terabits per second speed (equal to sending 44 HD films per second) will be available in the near future, which is good news for residents. City dwellers should however have no problem achieving excellent broadband speeds and the immense internet service provider (ISP) market means you can easily be find some superb deals.

Competition means lower prices

You can’t walk down your local high street without seeing adverts for broadband and TV packages at incredibly low prices. It’s true that these deals do seem to be getting cheaper especially with those introductory offers aimed at new customers. Many providers now supply unlimited broadband, internet television and inclusive phone calls for less than a fiver per month. The immense ISP competition is good news for consumers in terms of price, especially when everything else in the city seems to be getting more expensive. 

How to Get Low Cost Internet Access at Home and on the Move

Broadband and TV connections

Find the best deals

Keeping an eye on those broadband comparison websites can bring some great deals. If you’re thinking of switching providers or want to install broadband then you’re in a prime position to negotiate over price. Remember that introductory offers are for a set period and you should always calculate the entire contract price before signing up.

Free Wi-Fi on the go

One of the bonuses of living in London is the number of places where you can receive free internet access. You can easily find a Wi-Fi hotspot in coffee shops, bars and chain bookstores but don’t forget public venues such as the Southbank or Barbican centres. Major network providers have now partnered with London Underground allowing you to get online in 144 tube stations, which might help to take the pain out of that daily commute.

Moving to London guide

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Big city life does have its trials and tribulations but getting online cheaply whether at home or on the go shouldn’t be one of them.

A bit about Ewen

Ewen Stevens is a born and bred Londoner, based in Kentish Town. When not trying to find the best Wi-Fi hotspots, he can be found in Camden Lock looking for the next big thing.

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