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Free WiFi in London Apps and Maps

How to Find Free WiFi in London

by Joshua Neil

There are few cities more modern and cutting-edge than London. From the sparkling glass of its buildings to the fast-paced bustle of its streets, the capital really is a city that never sleeps. For all you equally modern citizens, looking for a free WiFi spot in London to connect to the internet can be a tricky affair, with most building that do have WiFi charging huge rates, or demanding you use their services, before you get access to it.

#1 Free WiFi Apps

  • Wi-Fi Finder

Free Wi-Fi Finder is a nice, easy to use and free app (both for iPhone Users and Androids Users) that helps you find cafes, restaurants, bars and other places offering free WiFi in London. If you’re looking to travel anywhere else, it can also find free WiFi hotspots across the rest of the world, on or offline, so you can always be prepared when planning a trip. Be aware, however, that the information is more accurate while online, but can still be a little out-of-date, so don’t rely too heavily on any one hotspot you find. Plan a back-up!

Free WiFi in London

WiFi finder app

  • London Free Wi-Fi App

London Free WiFi can help you find cafés, restaurants, bars and other places with free WiFi in London to use when you’re on the go, so you’ll always have a place to sit and surf, wherever in the capital you happen to be. Unfortunately, the app is not free, costing £1.19 through the iTunes store, but when you consider the alternatives available- expensive wireless from big-name companies that require time to set up as well as money out of your wallet- this is a measly price to pay for the ease of finding free WiFi in London, wherever you go. As well as this, the app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Furthermore, the app can also be used without Internet connection. Convenient, easy to use, and incredibly cheap, the app is a tool few others can match for delivering the internet right to you, wherever you are.

Free WiFi in London Apps and Maps

London Free WiFi App

#2 Free WiFi Maps

For those that don’t even have the time to download an app (but have the time to read this article, apparently), you can find a detailed google map by Timeout, and another one by Londonist, featuring free WiFi hotspots in London- though be aware that the Londonist one hasn’t been updated for ages. One last useful map for free WiFi in London is by the website WeFi, which provides an easy layout showing every available hotspot in London.

#3 Free WiFi Finder Websites

One other interesting website is Work Sly which lets you find UK workspaces like cafes, restaurants and so on nearby with free WiFi. The website is super simple and it lets you search by address or by finding places near you. Moreover you can contribute to the development of the website by adding places with free WiFi that are not yet listed.

#4 Free WiFi Hotspots

While any of the above maps can give you quick and easy access to the free Wifi that you need around you, there are some important landmarks that can be remembered if you find yourself without the apps you need to help you. In the heart of London, The Wellcome Collection, right next door to Euston Station, has a café with free WiFi you can use. Slightly further afield, the Barbican Centre and the Southbank Centre, on the other side of the Thames, are other famous landmarks to note. For those completely and totally lost in the capital, just head for the light: Canary Wharf also features free WiFi. Apart from those, lots of big chains now have free WiFi, including Starbucks and McDonald’s, so check around before you head out to ensure you don’t get disconnected.

More free WiFi Spots

  • Central St Giles, St Giles High St, London WC2H 8AG
  • The Breakfast Club, 33 D Arblay Street, London W1F 8EU
  • Cafe at Foyles, 113-119 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0EB
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#5 Look Around!

These tips are by no means exhaustive: if you find yourself in London, and not even these great ideas can help, try having a look around. Like it says above, a lot of big chains now offer free WiFi in their buildings, and many hotels and other businesses allow you to use their WiFi in exchange for signing up to loyalty programs with them. Even more than this, just ask, you never know what it’ll get you!

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