is coming soon in London! - Broke in London is coming soon in London!

Home cooking without the hassle!

Let me guess. Most of you reading this post right now probably:

A. Lack the time or talent to cook
B. Crave ethnic and specialty food (you miss mamas’ cooking admit it!)
C. Like healthy, tasty, affordable meals

Well this is the problem Michalis and Petros had as college students. The solution for them came by building, a community where you can find great delicious food prepared by local cooks or post your own dishes.The concept is simple. As a foodie at you can see what’s cooking near you, pick what you like and enjoy your meal! Of course, if you fancy cooking, you can show off your culinary skills, share your passion with other Cookistas and make some extra money by doing what you love! Easy as pie right?

Cookisto initially launched in Athens, Greece few months ago and already counts more than 12,000 foodies, while more than 12,200 dishes have being shared! The young team is launching its services in London this September and BrokeinLondon has secured for you an early bird link here

Don’t forget to see what the Cookistas community is cooking on’s Facebook and Twitter pages

Bon appetite! is coming in London