Cycling in London-

Cycling in London

Save Money on the Go

By Joshua Neil

Public transport: runs on money and makes you fat.
Bicycles: run on fat and save you money.

This one is really less of a tip, more of a no brainer. For millions of Londoners looking to get to work every day, or just to travel around the city, public transport is the only viable option. Compared to a taxi or owning a car, buses and trains can be cheaper- though that’s debateable. However, they are often dirty, nearly always filled to bursting point with angry, sneezy people, and fail to give you even a morsel of exercise.

So Why Cycle in London?

Public transport, however, is not the only way to get around London. For those who don’t know, a bike can get you everywhere just as fast, is absolutely free, can get down those shortcuts and alleyways a bus couldn’t reach and, and, if your company is part of the Bike 2 Work initiative, could save you a whole lot of money! On top of everything else, studies have shown that biking to work in London or simply cycling around in your leisure time can prevent obesity better than if you drive but exercise regularly. Beyond this, cycling can boost overall health too.

Cycling in London

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Even the NHS strongly suggests cycling can vastly improve your health. Better on your joints than running, cycling is one of the easiest and most painless ways of fitting exercise into your daily routine, allowing everyone to achieve that little bit of recommended fitness while getting you where you need to go swiftly. It is also, obviously, totally environmentally friendly.

One More Thing…

Of course, the busy streets of London can be a dangerous place, and proper protection is a must, as well as knowledge about how to be safe on the roads. That being said, cycling in London is really the only choice for those who want to get fit, travel quickly, easily, and environmentally-friendly, and save a lot of money doing it: tips can’t get much better than that.

The team at Bikeparts have also created the following guide to help you follow safety precautions on the road: The Ultimate Cyclists Guide To Road Safety.

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