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eyewitness App

eyewitness App created to tackle harassment and hate crime

eyewitness App was created to assist both victims and witnesses of hate crime, by providing them with a FREE platform that allows safe and anonymous reporting of harassment, hate crime, or any other type of abuse or violence, to the police.

Founder Mahtab Khan was inspired to create the app when research conducted showed that while 60% of people in the UK witness antisocial behaviour each year, 70% of those were reluctant to intervene or report it. Outlining the problems with something called ‘the bystander effect’, Mahtab decided to create a way to try and shift these numbers, and help the victims of antisocial behaviour and hate crime to be heard.

Being partially blind himself, and targeting the app towards many victims who may not have English as a first language, or who may have difficulties in reading or using technology, Mahtab had the view of creating an app that was simple and easy to use by users from all backgrounds.

How the app works

The app can collect video, audio and photographic evidence via a smartphone, and enables users to upload from the app itself as well as the normal camera functionality. It is time and geo stamped, providing an exact time and location of the incident for the police to view. All evidence sent is anonymous, with an integrated chat feature between witness and recipient if it needs to be used.

Top features from the app

  • Photos and videos can be imported from camera roll
  • All uploads are stored on a secure server
  • Provides easy access to advice and support services for all users
  • Automatically sent to your nearest police station
  • Totally anonymous as default setting
eyewitness App

eyewitness App

You can download eyewitness app via iTunes or Play store.

Who is already backing eyewitness?

Based and initiated in Birmingham, eyewitness App already has the backing from a number of local MPs, as well as Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Yvonne Mosquito, who said:

“At a time when smart phones and tablets are accepted as an integral part of day to day life, this app helps put policing into the pockets of people in our communities.”

With the backing of a number of local authorities, Mahtab is hoping to continue to spread the word about eyewitness to communities across the UK and internationally, to help prevent antisocial behaviour, harassment and hate crime going on unheard.

The app is currently running a Thunderclap campaign to spread awareness regarding the capabilities of eyewitness and what it can do for communities across London and the UK. Download the app to help fight antisocial behaviour and hate crime in your area today!