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Feeling Lonely? Find Meetup Groups in London

Join a Meetup Group to find like-minded people

By Manolis Zografakis

Have you just moved to London and you feel like a lonely wolf? Trust me, the worst thing you could do is to spend your entire day trying to find someone available to talk on Skype. The best thing would be to try finding interesting people to hang out. But how can you do this, right?

Going solo to pubs and clubs and start talking to strangers about how lonely you feel these days will not bring you friends, but probably a pint of beer in your face. A good option is to sign up to Meetup which is a nice network of local groups that aims to help people find an interesting groups to join. There are hundreds of Meetup groups in London and thousands of meetups happening every week about everything from careers to language, ethnic identity, entrepreneurship, hiking, parenting, tech, photography and urban gardening.

Have a look at the list and try to find groups and meetups that sound interesting to you and match your hobbies. You will then have to attend to one of these meetups to meet up face-to-face with like-minded dudes and dudettes. You can also sign up to the Weekly London Calendar email alerts to get email notifications whenever there are new Meetup groups in London that matches your profile and interests.

  • You can also find Meetup groups for people with same nationality as you
  • Some groups have a joining fee
Meetup groups in London

Meetup groups in London

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