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Free Barclays Cycle Hire

Try Barclays Cycle Hire for free on 16 & 17 Aug

by Adam Stokes

There’s an art to getting around in London. From finding the quickest bus route, to hailing the right taxi and knowing which tube station you’ll need to navigate to get to where you’re going. But with the arrival of the affectionately named Boris Bikes 4 years ago, London’s transportation system was revitalised, giving cheap bike access to those who would normally be tackling the maze that is the underground, or struggling to find a seat on the bus. Now, cycling in London allows people to arrive where they need to be quickly, efficiently, and most importantly without having to break the bank. For all you BrokeInLondoners who want to squeeze your pennies even further though, the cycle scheme is celebrating its 4th birthday by offering free access from Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th August.

Here are our essential tips for making the most of whizzing around London for free this coming weekend.

  • To ensure you can hire a Barclays Bike, make sure you have an eligible bank card ready (American Express and Oyster cards aren’t accepted)
  • You have to be 18 or over to hire the bikes and 14 to ride them, so no breaking the rules!
  • Do not ride for any longer than 30 minutes at a time to prevent a charge from occurring. The normal hire rate is waived for the weekend, but the extra ride charges still apply – if you want to keep riding, just dock in time and then hire a new one, simple!
  • Make note of the time when you hire the bike and make sure you return any undocked bikes before your 24 hours is up (Make sure the light turns green to signal you’ve successfully returned it)
  • Up to four bikes can be accessed, so get your family or friends in on the action too
  • Always check that the bike is in good working order before you take it. Tyres. Brakes. Bell. Go!

Free Barclays Cycle Hire August 2014

Whatever your journey this weekend, make sure you don’t miss out on free cycle hire throughout the capital. Check the Barclays Bike Map to find your nearest terminal, and get cycling.

Follow Barclays Cycle Hire on Twitter for regular updates and news about the scheme, as well as if you have any queries. Well, what are you waiting for? On yer bike!

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