FREE Workout Classes at Sweaty Betty - Broke in London

FREE Workout Classes at Sweaty Betty

Get a workout and get to the pub/work with hours to spare!

By Steph Dye (follow Steph on Twitter: @HelloIAmSteph)

With calls from temptations such as friends, dinner and the pub becoming deafening by the evening, it can be very difficult to fit in time to visit the gym. So Sweaty Betty has come up with the perfect answer: free classes at their stores, so that you can fit your exercise around your many commitments (plus, there’s no excuse for forgetting your kit as you will of course be in the store). There are a huge range of classes to suit anyone’s skill or fitness level and better still, they are free!

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From yoga to salsa, running to cycling, there are all sorts of things to try out at their various London stores, as well as further afield, all you need to do it book on the website. Due to the (unsurprisingly) massive demand, many of the classes are already fully booked, however you can still apply for the waiting list, whilst new classes are released every week. So what are you waiting for? Get booking!

What?: Free workouts at the Sweaty Betty stores
When?: 9th September – 14th October (each class has a different timings, so check the website for specific details).
Where?: Sweaty Betty stores around London and the UK