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Free Films in London December 2013

Free films and the mulled-wine-effect explained

monthly column by Afroditi K.

I have this theory; can you help me validate it? My theory is that there is a “mulled-wine-effect” spreading around this time of the year. There is something about warm alcohol and the smell of orange and cinnamon in the air that beats this month’s cold temperatures and makes you think of Christmas holidays approaching.  So how about a film and a warm cup of mulled wine in your hands for December? Stay warm inside, avoid the crowds in Oxford Street and choose one of the best free films in London that we suggest below. There are some real gems in there such as a pedal-powered family favourite “Home Alone” in Hackney or a movie about mummies and curses right in the middle of Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology on Friday the 13th – mummies, curses and Friday the 13th! The question is, are you brave enough?

Click on the titles below for more information on venues and times. Most of the films have a free entrance (as per usual we will let you know in the brackets when it’s not the case) but for some of them you will need to book your place in advance.

Free Films in London December 2013

pic taken by Cinetopia’s Facebook page

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