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Free Tickets to DoodleDate Event

Speed dating with a creative twist

By Amy

Let’s face it, speed dating can be just a wee bit awkward. It’s tricky to ‘be yourself’ when this would involve wailing with boredom as your 11th date in a row asks whether you’re a dog or cat person. Have you heard of Doodledate? Doodledate offers a creative twist to traditional speed dating by offering single boys and girls the opportunity to doodle while on their dates. This isn’t a search for the next Picasso, if you can draw a stick man you’re our kind of dater! Doodle whatever you like, a robot, your favourite animal or a detailed sketch of your gran dancing at your second cousins wedding. Whatever takes your fancy. It seems using a few coloured crayons and a bit of imagination really takes the pressure off the dating experience and allows you to chill out and kick back with your date making the whole thing a bit more fun and a bit less flaming terrifying!

How does DoodleDate work?

Here’s the science bit… The DoodleDate team provide all the pens, paper, crayons and a few bits and pieces to inspire your doodles. You receive a name badge and a sheet at the beginning of the evening. During the night you’ll be able to keep track of the people you’ve dated and mark down who you would like to keep in touch with. Half way through there is a break for you to get refreshed and when everyone has had the chance to draw with one another there’s time to hit the bar for a few drinks, some giggles and a chance to glance at the art work created!

When the evening is over a DoodleDate Ambassador will take in your sheets with details of who you would like to see again (as a friend or maybe more) and will email to let you know who you were matched with and how to get in touch with them. Then it’s over to you to let the romance blossom!

Doodleda Event in London

Past DoodleDate Event

I’m in! Where can I get my free ticket to this love extravaganza?

As it is nowhere near Valentines Day and for no other reason than to simply spread some love, the DoodleDate team are giving away a limited number of free tickets to the next DoodleDate event on 8th October at Drink, Shop & Do, 9 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, N1 9DX.

To book your free ticket go to Doodledate’s page (booking is essential). If you would like a bit more information on the event feel free to send an email to

What: DoodleDate Event
When: 8th October 2014
Where: Drink, Shop & Do, 9 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, N1 9DX.

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