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Frugal Tyre Care Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

Do you want to find out frugal ways to care for your tyres?

Guest post by Rachel Caine

Every driver can do with saving a few pounds on their motoring expenditure. After all, with so many costs associated with keeping your car on the road, the amount you spend can soon mount up. Anything from inflated fuel prices to ever-increasing insurance premiums will mean you need to fork out more and more. What’s even more of a problem for many motorists is the amount they are needlessly spending on tyres. Read on to find out how to keep your tyre costs as low as possible.

Adjust Your Driving

To begin with, many people wear their tyres down prematurely by demanding too much of them. If you pull away more gently, then you will wheelspin less often which will help to preserve the life of your tyres. Equally, simply by holding back a few extra metres from the car in front of you when you drive about will mean you need to dab your brake pedal less frequently. Again, this will place you tyres under less pressure which means you put off the time that you will need to replace them. When you get into the habit of driving in a tyre-friendly way, you may also feel less stressed behind the wheel, too!

Buy Premium Tyres

It is always more frugal in the long run to purchase premium brands when obtaining new tyres. Budget ones are fine but they do not last as long, generally speaking, which means you will spend more over a similar period compared to more expensive ones. Choose a garage or tyre dealer that offers a fair price for premium tyres and look out for special offers that make them more affordable. Sometimes reserving promoted tyres in advance is the best way to get the lowest price. In order to buy your car tyres online, you can visit DAT tyres site here.

Inflate Your Tyres

One of the best things you can do to keep your tyres in good condition is to pump them up properly. If you fail to do so, then they will run partially flat. This means you can expect more wear and tear to occur which has a cost implication since your tyres will need to be replaced sooner. In addition, partially under-inflated tyres cost more in fuel. This is because tyres which have not been pressurised correctly generate greater rolling resistance than they should do. As such, you end up having to refuel more often than is necessary because your fuel economy drops.

Avoid Part-Worn Tyres

Some people think that they have bagged a bargain when they buy second-hand tyres. Although it is a perfectly legal practice to fit older tyres onto your car – so long as they are compatible, that is – it is not recommended. Cheaper though they may be, part-worn tyres can sometimes only last a few hundred miles before they need to be replaced. The trouble with them is that you can never be sure how much life you will be able to obtain from them. In short, they’re a false economy.