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24 Hours in Shoreditch: Unmissable Things to Do

Don’t miss out on these top things to do in Shoreditch

Guest post by Jo Moore

Anytime you find yourself in London you’ll never be sure of things to do – the capital is jam-packed with places to go and things to see. Rather than trying to take in everything in the centre, if you’re only in the city for a short time, narrow down your sightseeing to a single area where you’ll be able to explore everything worth seeing.

And what better neighbourhood to explore than East London’s hip and trendy Shoreditch?


You’ll need a filling breakfast – or brunch if you’re treating yourself to a line-in – to set you up for your day of exploring. Thankfully, you’ll have no shortage of breakfast spots to choose from in Shoreditch. There’s Hoi Polloi on Shoreditch High Street with its healthy juices and decadent breakfast items. Then there’s The Diner on Curtain Road for anyone looking to load up pancake stacks or a proper diner-style breakfast – you won’t find a green juice in sight here.

Once you’ve had your fill of food and you’re ready to take on the day, there’s plenty to see and do in Shoreditch, no matter when you are visiting.

Junkyard Golf Club

Now in a bigger, better and weirder permanent home, Junkyard Golf Club in Shoreditch has 4 different courses to entice putters, each with its own unique theme, ensuring that no two courses are alike. If you have time to kill, or the weather is looking less than ideal, you can try your hand at a couple of different courses – and don’t forget to grab a cocktail from the bar located halfway through each course.

If you’re lucky enough to have experienced the acid trip that is Junkyard Gold Club before, make sure you give the Dirk course a try! This one is exclusive to the Shoreditch location, and is filled with an acid house themed holes straight outta the ‘90s.

Dennis Severs’ House

Part theatre and part time-capsule, Dennis Severs’ House can most accurately be described as a museum for people who don’t like museums. Painstakingly capturing domestic life in 18th century Shoreditch, a visit to the house has been described akin to stepping through the frame of a painting. Visitors to the house are guided through its 10 rooms and transported back to times gone by with fires lit, candles burning, and different aromas swirling through the air.

Masonic Temple London

At first nothing more than an unassuming London hotel, Andaz contains a Greek Masonic Temple. Built in 1912 by the son of the architect who was responsible for the Houses of Parliament, this magnificent temple has a floor made of at least 12 different types of marble. The opulent room is a must-see for any history buffs or lovers of architecture.

Calvert 22

When you think about how many world-famous galleries London has, it’s only expected that a few will inevitably fall under the radar. One of these hidden gems is Calvert 22, named so after its location at 22 Calvert Street. A non-profit organisation set up 20019, the gallery’s aim to highlight creative works from the New East (Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Russia, and Central Asia).