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Get a free drink in London with Drinki App

Free lifestyle privileges shouldn’t be a perk just for bloggers

By Sophie

Drinki app offers its users one free drink every night in exchange for a Facebook Check In. People love to recommend new things, they love to be the first to know, the first to promote a new brand or a new bar, so Drinki lets you do this whilst getting a physical product in return.

It’s not about the number of friends or followers you have everyone can receive credit or a reward for their social promotions. Drinki is for everyone, whether you go out once a month or most nights, there is always a free drink available to start your night.

How does it work

The average cocktail in the app costs around £8, so the reward you are getting is high value as well as delicious. Drinki features bars for everyone, there are some amazing independent cocktail bars like The Hide, Grind and Co, The Shrub and Shutter, and also with some higher volume groups like Novus Leisure and Big Chill. The app also features pubs and restaurants.

There is no spam, the App tracks your location so that you can receive super targeted push notifications, you will only ever receive one per week, and only on Thursdays, Fridays after 5pm and Saturdays after 12 (everyone loves a Saturday afternoon freebie!).

Drinki App to get free drinks in London

How it works

Free to download and to use

Drinki is free to download on both the Apple store and Google Play. All you have to do is login with Facebook and check the map for your nearest bar. There are over 100 leading venues in London, Manchester and Liverpool. Once you’ve decided on a bar, head to it and on arrival just show the ‘bartender screen’ to the bartender, he will tap the phone once which automatically checks you in on Facebook.

Then you get your drink. It’s that simple; there are no strings attached, just a great drink for letting your friends know where you are drinking.

Extra Drink on Us

Use the promo code BILDN when registering  to receive a Drinki token (free drink on us)!


Whether it’s a quick few drinks after work, or a big night out, Drinki is available for everyone, 7 days a week, midday to midnight.

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