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Get More Views and Subscribers on YouTube: Best Hashtags to Use

Guest post by Zaali Panjakidze

Are you a YouTuber struggling to gain traction for your content? Or perhaps you’re just starting out and searching for ways to amplify your visibility on the platform. Hashtags can serve as a potent tool to broaden your audience reach, attract more views, and garner subscribers for your channel.

While hashtags hold incredible power on YouTube, many content creators don’t fully harness their potential. Proper utilisation of hashtags is essential for maximising their impact on visibility and engagement. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best hashtags to use in order to get more views and subscribers on YouTube as well as tips for optimizing your hashtag strategy.

Best Hashtags to use on YouTube

When navigating YouTube, incorporating hashtags to boost visibility and engagement is crucial. To harness the full potential of hashtags, ensure you employ relevant and popular tags that precisely match your shared content. Moreover, avoid excessive or repetitive hashtag usage, as this may discourage potential viewers. Here are some effective hashtags for YouTube videos:

  • #vlog: Often employed by vloggers for their daily updates and reflections.
  • #youtube: Ideal for all types of video content shared on YouTube.
  • #youtuber: Useful for discussions related to YouTubing and content creation.
  • #instavideo: Applicable when sharing Instagram videos on YouTube.
  • #videooftheday: Showcases your best video content.
  • #tutorial: For instructional and educational content, this hashtag reaches users seeking informative content.
  • #challenge: Increasingly popular for challenge-based videos.
  • #gaming: Tailored for gaming videos to enhance viewership.
  • #musicvideo: Essential for any music-related video content.
  • #unboxing: Utilised for unboxing videos gaining traction on YouTube. By selecting appropriate hashtags, you expand the potential of your videos to engage a broader audience, accumulating more likes and views. Dedicate time to researching popular hashtags linked to your content and deploy them strategically to make the most of YouTube’s reach.

Tips for Fine-Tuning Your Hashtag Strategy

Crafting an effective hashtag strategy on YouTube is pivotal for reaching your target audience and amplifying content visibility. However, it’s essential to exercise caution and avoid overuse, which could hinder content visibility. Furthermore, employing relevant tags guarantees your videos resonate with the right audience. Here are some tips to optimise your YouTube hashtag strategy:

  1. Understand Your Audience: Before embarking on a hashtag strategy, grasp your target audience’s interests. Identify key topics in your niche that translate into hashtags and gauge their popularity among your viewers. This insight will aid in constructing a resonating strategy.
  2. Conduct Research: Once potential hashtags are identified, conduct research to assess their usage frequency and user base. This informs you about competition and assists in selecting the most impactful ones.
  3. Leverage Long Tail Keywords: Long tail keywords enhance any hashtag strategy as they offer specificity compared to generic terms. Utilizing such keywords fosters engagement with a more pertinent audience.
  4. Stay Updated on Trends: Staying attuned to trends is pivotal for a successful hashtag strategy. In addition to researching popular topics in your niche, monitor current events and trending subjects for hashtag incorporation.
  5. Employ Relevant Tags: After meticulous research of popular tags, ensure their alignment with your content. Employing irrelevant tags wastes effort, as they won’t reach viewers interested in your content. Employ a blend of popular tags relevant to your topic and specifics catering to your video’s content and target audience. This ensures quick viewer comprehension and, in turn, drives views.
  6. Experiment with Different Hashtags: Experimentation aids in pinpointing the most effective hashtags for your content. Test various combinations and monitor engagement levels to identify top-performing options.
  7. Continuous Performance Monitoring: Fine-tuning and adapting your hashtag strategy over time based on tag performance is crucial. Regularly assess performance and make necessary adjustments to maximise your videos’ outreach and engagement.

By adhering to these tips, you can elevate your YouTube hashtag strategy and expand the reach of your videos. With a well-crafted strategy, you’ll drive more traffic to your channel, translating into increased views for your content.


Optimal hashtag usage can significantly impact your YouTube views and subscriber count. You now comprehend what hashtags are, how they function, and possess examples of best practices. It’s time to put your newfound knowledge into action. The more effort invested in researching and selecting relevant hashtags for each video, the higher the engagement levels and overall success. Best of luck, and thank you for reading!