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Get Paid for Micro-Jobs by Using Simply Tasks

Everything You Need to Know to Earn via Simply Tasks

Review by The Broke In London Team

Earning is a tricky thing and finding an easy-to-do job is even challenging. Simply Tasks offers a modern solution to an old problem, where you can earn money for micro-jobs via your smartphone. 

Here is a simple review of this amazing app that will introduce you to the entirely new concept of earning!   

What’s the App About?

Simply Tasks is a free app that allows its users to get paid for exploring your city, going on a shopping spree, verifying store prices. Basically, the users can earn by completing their Missions, (AKA micro-jobs), just by using their smartphones. These Missions might include checking customer services, recent promotions and prices or simply giving an opinion as a customer. 

Interestingly, the app doesn’t require its users to have a particular qualification; you just need to have a smartphone to start earning – from anywhere around the UK and the world! 

What are Missions and Tasks?

Your Mission is to explore your city, check store promotions, verify store prices and do some shopping. You can get your Mission on Simply Tasks by following 3 simple steps:

Step 1 – Ask your instincts, whether it wants to explore nearby places or have no destination. Based on that, you can select Nearby Missions or Anywhere Missions. 

Step 2 – So you are done deciding your destination? Just open your app and choose your desired Mission. 

Step 3 – Wondering why there is a step 3? It’s just you getting paid for completing your mission. Have fun and earn well!  

How Does it Work?

Making money with Simply Tasks is easy-peasy. Just download the app, create your profile, accept missions, complete tasks, and make money anytime and anywhere! 

How Simply Tasks work

How does it work

Below are the four simple steps that you can follow to make this happen, right now!

1 | Download the App 

You can start making money by quickly Downloading the Simply Tasks App from either the Android Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 

2 | Setup your profile

Are you an 18 year or plus? Come on now and create your profile. Just a 2-minute step will make you a valuable member of our Task Force. 

You must ensure that you’re completing the profile mission, as without it you’ll not be able to view the missions. 

3 | Accept Missions

Once you’ve completed your profile mission, you are up and running. Select your desired mission and start completing your tasks. 

4 | Earn Cash and Rewards 

Explore your city, do some shopping, and verify store prices that will give you rewards and cash on Simply Tasks. The more missions you do, the higher your circle will become. This will help you getting exclusive missions, based on your mission’s history.

Simply Tasks Map

Explore your city

How Will You Get Paid?

Getting paid at Simply Tasks is as easy as pie! You will be paid directly via your PayPal account.

  • As soon as you reach a minimum amount in your wallet, you can make a payment request through PayPal.
  • You can save your credit for a nice Christmas dinner or for a public holiday. 
  • Don’t want your credit to stay in your wallet? Just transfer it to your account, really easy-peasy.

Data Privacy

Simply Tasks keep Tasker’s personal information secure and confidential and have a robust privacy policy to protect it from third-party access. If you think your information is breached, you have the right to file a complaint. 

Read the FAQ section here for more information.