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Get a Free Gym Pass in London

Get free gym? Is that possible?

Finally the holidays have ended..! Yes, you heard right: finally!! We couldn’t stand anymore being fed all day by our families causing us temporary paralysis and decrease of mental functions…The biggest problem now is that we’ve become from 5 to 10 kg more (the worst cases include people coming from mediterranean countries) and our best friend is Moby Dick…

Ok, worry no more because as usual now it’s the time when we’ll propose solutions!

Get a free gym pass asap and take the most out of it by exercising yourself till destruction during the 5-7 free days! Apart from this, you can also get slim by moving everyday or doing day-to-day activities. So why exercise daily when you can lose weight with trivial activities.

If you know any other gym that offer free gym passes or free classes then just leave a comment below and help this list going!

TIP: If 1 free week is not enough for you, you can find various highly discounted (up to 80% off) gym memberships through

Free gym pass London

How to get a free gym pass in London

Finally, if you hate exercise, you can just buy this awesome spoon below that helps you eat like a bird.

Free Gym Pass