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Rising room rents in London

The SpareRoom Rental Index is a very useful tool if you need to keep an eye on room prices and love statistics (do you? seriously?) ! It’s a snapshot of room rental averages across the UK and it’s free to download. According to the last updated version, room rents across the country have risen 7% since last year (and as Londoners we’ve a first hand experience of it..). However, the increase hasn’t affected all UK’s areas (for example, Newcastle upon Tyne and Liverpool saw room rents fall by 1%). Unfortunately, concerning London, all areas of the city have generally seen rent rises with East Central London postcodes jumping high, up to 17% on last year’s rents. Remember that the index takes into account rents advertised for double rooms in shared houses and flats, inclusive of bills, across all town and cities in the UK, so maybe you aren’t affected that much. If you want to know more about it and become an expert on room prices and statistical analysis, read the whole article on Spareroom’s Blog.