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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Drive in Basingstoke or London with Bad Tyres

Ever wondered how dangerous it could be to drive with bad tyres?

Guest post by Jessica Cooper

Ending up with a flat tyre in the middle of a busy road – is a really scary experience. Gradually London roads have become really busy as the population has enlarged and so many people have to commute by road. Not just in London, the same driving pattern is observed in Basingstoke where at the time of peak hour, there are long queues on the road. If you are driving with poor quality tyres, there is no way you can reach your destination on time and most importantly without sparking up a high risk factor. Bad tyres only add up to the cost you are going to pay later for the other bad implications it is going to bring (more fuel consumption, trigger for other issues like vehicle health). Following are reasons why you shouldn’t drive with bad quality tyres:

Adverse effect on fuel efficacy of your car

Your car becomes less fuel efficient with misfit tyres. That happens because it creates more pressure on your vehicle and your car has to work a bit harder in order to keep everything running. This piles up and you end up spending more money on your fuel than you should.

Compromised road safety

Old tyres have depreciated to a great extent and are not able to provide you the same kind of road grip or road accuracy that new tyres would. This is applicable for busy roads in London and Basingstoke – when you just cant afford to be stuck up in the middle of a road bombarded with cars. There are many tyre companies based locally who can help you find the appropriate tyres. Save your business costs by choosing durable tyres in Basingstoke  – you can look here from Point S. For London you can also look for a website with good customer reviews and rating.

Cause of mis-alignment

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Drive in Basingstoke or London with Bad Tyres

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Old tyres will automatically cause alignment issues which will make your car drift more to one side and resultantly make the vehicle lose its control and momentum. This will again add up to the costs because then you will have to book a separate appointment for wheel alignment.