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How Can You Sell Your House Fast in London?

Towards a fast and hassle-free journey of selling property

Wishing to sell your house fast in London at the best possible price and hassle-free procedures? For the first time seller of your house, the whole process can be a bit of an overwhelming experience.

Although things in the London property market moves quickly, the process of selling house in the open market can become one lengthy process which requires a high level of organisation and coordination between each and every party involved. One of the initial obstacles that might be faced is finding the right buyer for your house who is ready to pay the price closer to your demand and is eager to push the sale as well. Even when you have found the right buyer, there have been cases where the deal breaks at the very final stage. In order to avoid issues that can leave you at square one after putting in a vast amount of time and effort, multiple options can be considered that are available for selling the house in London before rushing into anything.

‘Your basket of options for selling your house in London’

Estate Agents to Rescue

Estate agents are still considered to be among the most popular means of selling house in London. But they can be difficult to accommodate due to their expensive hiring cost. But if you are opting one, to minimise the stress levels involved, certain things need to be considered.

  • Evaluate their cost structure.
  • Inquire how they charge, whether they go for a fixed rate or work on a percentage commission basis.
  • Try to keep the percentage of commission rates as low as possible.

Also, don’t forget to read through the estate agent’s contract. Make sure that you understand each and every point carefully before signing in the contract. Be aware of the ‘sole selling rights’ agreement, which requires you to pay your estate agent their commission even if you found your own buyer. Similarly, there is a ‘sole agency’ agreement that gives you the authority to sell your property via appointment only, and in case you found your own buyer, you are not liable to pay commission to the agent. Lastly, there is a ‘multiple agency contract’ which gives you flexibility by allowing several agents to have a go into selling your property.

Private Sale- Be Your Own Master

Another option to avoid paying large sums of money to estate agents is to sell your house through a private sale. A private sale is one where the seller directly deals with the buyer. Though it is cost-effective, the major drawback of this approach is dealing with legalities during the process. The tension in formulating the contract and consuming yourself into fulfilling legal liabilities falls on you which can make the process of selling your house fast a little more complex. Private sale requires learning of legalities along with information about your local property market that will help you in setting the right price for your house and find the potential buyer. Furthermore, a lot of time is consumed into choosing the right platform for advertising, scheduling your routine, and to arrange viewings of the property.

Fast Property Buyers

An increasing trend of house buying companies can be seen in London due to the level of convenience they provide. They ensure the easy, hassle-free and guaranteed sale of the house and that too in your ‘defined time frame’. They promise a smooth process by handling all related queries regarding the advertising, legal work, and potential buyer hunt along with professionalism in selling your house.