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Is it Possible to Sell in London without an Estate Agent?

Eliminating the middle-man from the process of selling

Blog post by Isabella Hills

Sellers can avoid paying an overwhelming price to estate agents and can sell their houses in London by eliminating the services of the middlemen. Following is the guide that will help a seller to pass through the process of selling smoothly while saving a handsome amount as well.

There are two ways by which one can sell the house without involving middlemen.

Through Private Sale

1.Make your Home Sellable

The first step in the process is to spruce up the home to make it presentable in every way before posting it for sale. Try to fix any little damages and make sure to get rid of anything extra. Keep only essential stuff so that the viewer can see the space.

2.Get a Valuation

Working out a reasonable and realistic price for the house is the real challenge. There are several online tools available to get a market competitive valuation for the house. These tools can help the sellers to set up a price that will speed up their selling process.

3.Make a Floor Plan

Floor plans have gained popularity in advertising of the property. There are applications available which sellers can use to create an effective floor plan for their selling space. Sellers must invest in taking good photographs of their house which will benefit them in the selling process.


Advertising of selling space is an art of attracting potential buyers. There are several advertising platforms available for property advertisements. Also, social media marketing is effective, if the seller has a good following on such platforms.

5.Arrange Viewing

After attracting a potential buyer, the seller is asked to arrange a viewing for the buyer. Although the process of viewing is not difficult, however, ensuring cleanliness is essential for a deal to be made. And if the seller is threatened due to security, he or she can hire agents for a little fee.

6.Negotiating and Accepting an Offer

It is important to consider the lowest cost on which deal can be made beforehand. This will help the seller in negotiating terms with the buyer. Once the offer is made, it is advised to make a written agreement rather than verbal. Since there is no agent involved, sellers are advised to get a proof ID of the buyer along with other details concerning mortgages or bank statements.

7.Hire a Solicitor for Legal Work

Since it is not certain that every seller has a background in cash related legalities. Sellers can hire solicitors to work their legalities related to the selling of the house. The services of a solicitor or a conveyancer can be obtained for a small fee that will handle your licensing and legal work.

Through Quick House Sale Companies

There are several companies available in the property market in London who buy properties and houses from the sellers and pay cash for the transaction. They undergo a similar process as the normal buyer however, they do provide a helping hand at some levels. For example, in arranging a solicitor on their own and the time of selling can be fixed as per the convenience of the seller. One of the major advantages of selling to these house buying companies is their professionalism and knowledge of the whole transactional process. These companies can be approached directly or through their websites, and the remaining process of buying and selling remains the same. Sellers can cut down their cost of advertising when dealing with these companies to sell their house. Furthermore, easy paperwork prevails to make the transaction smooth, convenient and fruitful.