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How Might Brexit Affect Taxis in London?

Guest post by Sarah Dunn

Whilst the capital begins to slowly open up and return to some sort of new normal following lockdown, the next challenge set to face taxi drivers is Brexit. Currently there is no exit deal agreed which means that the UK will leave the EU without a deal. Whilst we won’t really know the full implications of this for a number years, we do know there will be disorder across all sectors.

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, there may be implications for EU and EEA nationals working as taxi and private hire drivers in the UK.

EU driving licences

At the minute, if you hold an EU (or EEA) driving licence, you can use this licence to apply for a taxi or private hire licence in the UK. Currently you can drive on your EU licence in the UK until you’re 70, or for three years after becoming a resident of Great Britain – whichever is longer.

However, if no deal is struck, it is likely these rules will change, and it will be the UK government who will be responsible for deciding whether to continue accepting EU and EEA driving licences.

Immigration status

If you are an EU or EEA citizen you will need to play by 30 June 2021 to continue living in the UK under the UK’s EU Settlement Scheme. It is not yet clear if failing to apply under the EU Settlement Scheme will automatically disqualify taxi or private hire licence holders from holding such a licence by virtue of their (non) right to work and live in the UK lawfully.

Covid impact

Tourism in the UK has been the fastest growing sector in the UK in employment terms for the last decade, and despite the pandemic, Britain saw a boom in staycations. This could be set to continue over the next few years as it is unclear if British nationals will require visas to travel to popular European countries, and when paired with a weakening pound, holidays in the UK are looking like a more popular option.

Of course, whilst there is still concern surrounding the virus, we could see more tourists who would normally take public transport, opt to use taxis and private hire vehicles instead. Companies like Cab Direct have been preparing for this scenario and have the widest choice of quality new and used taxi cars for sale – helping you thrive during a staycation boom.