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Protect Your Home: The Different Insurances You Need To Protect Your Assets

Guest post by Abbi Mullan

Have you recently moved home? Or perhaps you are looking to buy, and currently doing some research into the different types of insurance you might need when you own a property? There are many types of insurance you can get when it comes to your home, but you don’t have to say yes to every single deal that is offered to you. Before deciding on the best ones for your home, it’s essential that you explore and shop around. To give you a helping hand, below you’ll find some of the various different insurances we would recommend, with tips on how they will help to protect the assets in your house.

Buildings insurance

Building insurance is there to cover the cost of repairing any damage to the structure of your home. That means that should anything happen to the roof, walls and windows – as well as any other permanent fittings such as toilets, baths and fitted kitchens – it’ll be covered. Generally, buildings insurance will cover the cost of loss or damage caused by subsidence, fallen trees, satellite dishes or aerials, natural disasters such as floods or storms and fire, smoke or any explosions.

Contents insurance

If the belongings within your home are stolen, destroyed or damaged, home contents insurance will cover the cost of replacing these. Items include the likes of ornaments, furniture such as beds, wardrobes and sofas, kitchenware such as microwaves, kettles and cookware, electricals such as TVs, computers and laptops and clothing. If you’d like to combine your contents insurance with your buildings insurance, that can also be done.

Boiler insurance

Another thing that is essential to protect within your home is your boiler. As we enter the winter months and the temperatures continue to decrease, it’s vital that you have boiler cover just in case you are left with no central heating or hot water. Boiler insurance will provide you with great peace of mind, as it covers the cost of any repairs and parts that you may need, should you have any issues, or your boiler has a fault. It’s worth looking out for insurance packages that also include the cost of your annual boiler service, as these are crucial for helping to keep your boiler healthy.

Ensure your home is protect today by having the right insurances.