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How to Decide If a Company Is for You

Handy tips to figure out if a company is a great fit — it really matters!

Post by Leena Merrill

One of the biggest questions anyone can ask themselves when applying for a job or looking for a change in career at a different workplace, is whether the company is right for them. While some may simply care more about the job and what it entails, rather than the company that they’d be employed by, ensuring a company is the right fit is of vital importance to others.

#1 | Fitting Personality

Every jobseeker will have their own personality, and so will a company as well as the people working within it. It’s no good for a very loud and out there person to be rocking up in an attempt to secure a position at a company which, personality wise, is at the other end of the scale. A person is much more likely to enjoy work and to be productive and motivated in an environment where their natural personality is welcomed, rather than stifled.

#2 | Insight & Feedback

While social media stalking isn’t recommended in most instances, it is here, so it’s time to don those detective hats. What others, namely past and present employees, say about a company is often the best way to get an idea of whether a company is a good fit. Employees will likely give an indication on their social media platforms, with other services such as LinkedIn a great way to gain vital insight. Indeed, one of the world’s leading employment sites, also offers a ratings and reviews service too, which is more than worth checking out. Furthermore, employment sites usually have a feedback section, where employees can leave feedback. So for example, anyone interested in working at Intouch Games Limited will be able to read employee reviews at online sites like Indeed, and thus gain a true picture of what working for the company is really like.

#3 | Informative Interviews

Interviews are extremely important for a number of reasons and can be used to gain more insight into a company. Thus, an interview isn’t just a way for employers to find out more about potential employees, but the other way around too. In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity to do some more detective work. Asking the right questions in a strategic manner during interview will likely lead to further indicators as to whether a company is suitable for a person. Bear in mind, what is said off the record is just as important as what is said on it, pay attention to any loose comments or gossip along the way.

#4 | Make Sure to Visit

Tours of a new potential place of work are of great importance too, both visual and physical. Visually taking in the surroundings at a company will lead to the person being able to gain a measure of the mood in the building and how the environment not only looks, but how it feels too. A physical tour may get you into places that might not be accessible by eye, allowing you to potentially chew the fat with disgruntled employees, or of course, employees who love their job and the company.

Finally, a person knowing what they know through extensive detective work will be able to visualise themselves working for the company and mixing with the people within it. If the visualisation technique suggests that the experience is likely to be a fun, enjoyable and rewarding one, then the company will most likely be a good fit.