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Part-Time Job in London for International Students

London as a supporter of students from all over the world

Guest post by Jessica Vainer

Being an international student in the UK comes with its own fair share of challenges. Apart from the fact that one is in an unfamiliar environment, a student without adequate sponsorship would find it hard to pay fees and keep up with living expenses. Hence, many international students find jobs in their locale they could do to sort themselves out. In the UK, there are several jobs for students that anyone can do to get by. It’s just about being able to find the right opportunities and harnessing them. For internships, volunteering, freelancing, online jobs (such as a thesis writing service) and any other type of students jobs, London has great support. This article explains what you need to know about such jobs and the popular available ones. Besides, there are always opportunities on the internet on online jobs for students in the UK.

What You Need to Know

As an international student in the UK, you get a ‘Tier 4’ student visa with which you can get yourself hired.

  • With the ‘Tier 4’ visa, you can work part-time for 20 hours per week while the school is in session, and full-time during breaks.
  • Getting a job helps your finances and, in fact, universities are always willing to help you in that regard. This is because international students always end up spending more than local ones.
  • While on the job, you retain basically the same rights and are covered under the same laws that apply to every other person.

Even if you don’t need a job while a student for financial reasons, you can get one so as to acquire skills to help you have a successful career after school. You are boosting your CV as you do.

Part-Time Job in London for International Students

Types of Jobs Available

  • Online Jobs: These are the most flexible jobs for students. You can work for a firm or be a freelancer in such areas as writing (especially copywriting), graphics design, animations and video editing and so on. You may get yourself hired by a custom writing service like thesis writing service Edubirdie or a similar one and provide help with writing assignments. But why thesis writing? The method for writing theses vary and a UK thesis might be different from that of your country. By being a thesis writer, you gain a better understanding as to how to write a Ph.D. thesis even, basically, any type of thesis. But this isn’t only what is available, neither is writing the only service you can provide. Feel free to explore!
  • Research Assistance: This is also a very popular and reliable way of earning some cash. During breaks especially, academics are usually seeking the services of ambitious students to work with them and help as research assistants. That means you could get to work on a ‘big project’ with your professor. It is a great job that would even help your academics. Besides, the opportunity to get close to your professors would help you immensely after school, especially in terms of references and recommendations. If you are considering a career in academia, this is definitely for you. If not, it’s still a great option.
  • Retail: Get hired with a retail store, usually as a salesperson. Many students opt for this as it affords them some flexibility regarding work hours.  Also, hooking up with a retail service provides you with an avenue to sharpen your communication and negotiation skills and salesmanship. These skills are important and required by several employers in the business world today. Apart from that, you may also benefit from special discounts for staff in the store you are working. This helps you make some cash and also save a couple on living effects.
  • Internships: Internships are short-term and usually, part-time works you do for a specific period of time fixed prior to your starting the work. It is not a full job, and your duties are mainly to assist with work in the office and to learn on the job. And, if you perform really well as an intern, you could even get retained on a permanent basis. Internships could be paid or unpaid. If you really need the money, then the former is best for you.
  • Office Work: This is the last on this list (which is certainly not exhaustive) is getting a job with an office. Secretarial and receptionist jobs abound in the UK, and you just might find one which fits you well. Getting a job in an office is a great start to what could be a long journey in the terrains of corporate work.


There are a lot of jobs available for you as an international student in London. It only depends on your being able to seize opportunities. Apart from this list, a simple search online would provide you with a large list of opportunities you can take. You could also seek help with your institution (they would love to help) or the National Association of Student Employment Services (yes, there is one). A good job should pay enough for you to get by with living expenses while also helping you gain career skills for success. Good luck in London!