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How to Get International Experience

Enhance your CV while exploring the world

by Katerina

If you are the adventurous type and want to gain work experience while traveling the world you really want to read this!

Few of you have just graduated, are between jobs or are looking for one and want to explore the world while gaining work experience. Others are just keen to get international experience so as to improve their prospects of later getting a job in the UK. Of course there are also those of you that are passionate about international development want to use their skills to improve the lives of people in other countries.

No matter what your motivation, working abroad is just cool and a great way to explore your horizons. Some of us have done it as well and that is why we recommend it!!!

There are quite few international experience programs which are offering the chance to young graduates or experienced professionals to spent some time in a country in Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa or Asia. Although few of those programs are labeled as ‘volunteering’ they do actually cover your basic expenses for the time you will be spending offering accommodation, transportation and a living allowance. At the same time they will ask you to raise funds to cover some of your expenses. The duration of an international experience program vary between 3 months to 2 years so as to enable everyone who is keen to choose the model that best works for them.

As part of the program you are likely to receive relevant training in the UK and the country of working placement as well as guidance while you are there. The sectors and nature of roles offered are many and they can vary from teaching in rural Ugandan schools to developing the fundraising strategy of regional NGOs in Peru. Note that the majority of these programs are very competitive and don’t underestimate the effort you will need to put both in your application and the interview process.

How to Get International Experience

From my roadtrip to Cabaceira, Mozambique during my work in East Africa

Are you up for the adventure?

What you should do:

#1 Map the programs that are out there
#2 Choose the right one for you
#3 File your application

And to give you an initial help, here are some of the relevant programs we recommend you to check out:

International Experience Programs:

#1 United Nations Volunteers
#2 Volunteer Service Overseas
#3 European Voluntary Service
#4 International Service
#5 Restless Development


We have been through that experience ourselves! Interested in getting some specific advice and information?

Sent us an email at with your specific question including your name, email, age and area of residence as well as sector/region that you would like to work abroad.

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