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UK Graduate Schemes

A basic guide to UK Graduate Schemes

By Katerina

You are in your 3rd year of studies, about to graduate or just graduated and you still wonder: And now what?? You could have considered working in a bar or do any other post grad job but you would rather do something relevant to your degree, which will be contributing to your long- term professional development. You are done with internships as it is high time for you to get your next employer to ‘show you the money’. Trust us, we know what you are going through! So, we did our research to suggest to you alternatives and here is it: Graduate schemes!

UK Graduate Schemes

Graduate schemes are entry level programs aiming at people who have just graduated, have no prior work experience and are looking to kick-start their professional career. Whether you want to become the next wolf of wall street (do you really? ) or CEO of a major consumer goods company, a graduate scheme might be the first right step towards that direction.

Most major companies across sectors are offering Graduate schemes so make sure to choose the right one for you. The competition is high and getting in is a time consuming process, which requires a lot of work form your site, but hey, most good things do. So:

#1 Identify your dream company

#2 Check out the requirements for the programs

#3 Stick to deadlines and Go for it!

To help you in your search we have collected a sample of some of the programs across sectors:

UK Graduate Schemes

You can also have a look at the various graduate schemes opportunities provided by Guardian Jobs and

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