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How To Make The Most Of Las Vegas On A Budget

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A travel Guide of Inexpensive Sites and Venues to visit

Guest post by Jon Williams

Las Vegas for many people is the dream destination. Anyone who hasn’t been wants to go and those who have been want to go back. For a lot of us, it’s a place that everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime; probably because there’s nowhere else on earth just quite like Sin City. It’s packed with glitz and glamour, as well as having plenty to do; from shopping, enjoying fine dining and casinos, to visit just to name a few. However, many may feel that Las Vegas is out of their price range though.

But this is far from the truth, as it is indeed possible to do Las Vegas on a budget and not just do it, but to enjoy it too. First of all, people do love to go to Sin City and experience what the casinos have to offer, it’s one of the big draws; especially on the famous Las Vegas Strip. Even on a budget players can experience the brilliance of Las Vegas casinos by betting small and attempting to win the big jackpots, whilst enjoying the thrills of roulette or one of many progressive slots machines. You will get free alcohol as you play too, especially if you tip the waitress every now and again.

How To Make The Most Of Las Vegas On A Budget

The Eiffel Tower replica at Paris Las Vegas – Taken by Pixabay

There are plenty of budget friendly things to do in the area too, with many of them being free. There are many tourist attractions, which are free including one of the most famous landmarks, the actual Welcome to Las Vegas sign. It’s one of the most recognisable signs in the world, and one that many want to at least get a picture of while they’re visiting; plus it’s totally free to do so. Another iconic attraction is the Fountains of the Bellagio hotel. The water dances to the music and it’s another free attraction that is actually a must see too.

A lot of visitors like to take in a show or two whilst in Vegas, the Cirque du Soleil for example. If you’re on a budget though, there is actually a free show you can catch too. Inside the shops at Caesar’s Palace Forum a statue will regularly come to life, and put on a show for free. It’s a hugely entertaining show for all ages and just strolling through the forum shops is an experience in itself too.

How To Make The Most Of Las Vegas On A Budget

Cirque du Soleil – Taken by Pixabay

If exploring natural beauty spots is more of your thing you can head out to the Calico Basin. It’s perfect for explorers, with rare natural springs scattered about the area. It’s a unique area that nature lovers and explorers will love, as well as being a great way to escape the rush in the city itself. Furthermore, for those of us who enjoy the wildlife; this is always a great way to pass the time, no matter where you are. There is also the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat which is actually on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s free to walk around and check out the flamingos as well as other animals such as swans, ducks and turtles too.

How To Make The Most Of Las Vegas On A Budget

Flamingo’s Wildlife Habitat – Taken by Pixabay

Therefore, Las Vegas on a tight budget is possible and can be done without missing out on any of the thrills and excitement that it is well famous for. The city is the perfect destination for everyone, no matter the budget, age and particular interests one may have.