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Top 5 Free Things To Do In North London

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Five of the best things you can do in North London for free

Guest post by Damien Troy

For some of us, travelling is something we have on our bucket list on a regular basis, whether it’s jumping on a plane and jetting off somewhere hot, or investing in a city break weekend to immerse ourselves in the hustle and bustle of urban life. Here, we’ve decided to look into one of the most popular city break locations in the world – London. It’s no secret that London can be expensive, even for those who live there. However, as much of a tourist trap as London can seem, it’s also a city rich with culture, fun, entertainment and so much more, and certainly isn’t one to be missed! So, what do you do? Well, new loans before payday can be available in a financial emergency, but to help you keep to a shoestring budget during your trip to London, we’ve gathered together five of the best things you can do in North London for free!

#1 | Camley Street Natural Park

The past few years have seen King’s Cross Railway Station be home to countless cranes, with scaffolding rising high above our heads as the historic station undergoes its fair share of renovations. However, throughout the entire process, there has been a spot of serenity amongst it all – Camley Street Natural Park. This park is two acres of ponds, reed beds and walking opportunities, happily and comfortably nestles along the Regent’s canal. This is a hub for birds, small mammals and countless other wildlife, so if you’re looking for a bit of a haven amongst the bustling city, then this could be a great place to stop for a bit of a break and mingle amongst the in-the-know locals.

Camley Street Natural Park

Camley Street Natural Park – Taken from

#2 | RAF Museum

Holidaymakers with a bit of a thing for history will be happy to know that the RAF museum on Grahame Park Way is completely free! This amazing collection of military aircraft is practically impossible to enjoy in its entirety in one visit, so it could be well worth scheduling this in for a few trips if you truly want to enjoy what it has to offer! You can see the breath-taking Vulcan bomber that looms over every other plane in the corner of the main hanger, and wander amongst each and every plane that has a proud part to play in the history of the RAF.

free things to do in North London

RAF Museum – Taken from

#3 | Old St Pancras Churchyard

If you’re looking for something a little more unusual to do that’s packed with history, then the Old St Pancras Churchyard could be the option for you. This tiny church and graveyard is full of graves that hold historical significance not only to the relatives of the deceased, but in some cases, to the wider public! Mary Wollstonecraft, an early feminist, was buried here, and Sir John Soane, the inventive architect – and, yes, the same Sir John Soane of the Sir John Soane’s Museum! – is also buried here, marked by a gravestone inspired by the famous red London phone box. Percy Shelley may not be a name that means much to many, but his daughter, Mary Shelley, certainly does! On a slightly lighter note, this was also the location of part of The Beatle’s Hard Day’s Night!

free things to do in North London

Old St Pancras Churchyard – Taken from

#4 | Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge

Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge is one of the few remaining Tudor buildings in London, and it’s certainly worth a visit. This lodge dates back as far as 1543, during Queen Elizabeth’s father’s reign. Henry VIII, known for his love of all things lavish, sought out luxury even when hunting, and so this lodge was built to provide him with exactly that. This lodge is perfect for family visits, with countless events and activities taking place all year round. You can learn about the Tudor kitchen, let your little ones dress up in the vast array of costumes available in the dressing-up box, and there’s even a fairly new interpretation centre – The View. It has a community room, exhibition space and a gift shop too, so you can take home plenty of reminders of your trip if you do have a little cash to spare.

free things to do in North London

Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge – Taken from google maps

#5 | The Pergola and Hill Garden, Hampstead Heath

If you’re looking for somewhere perfect for a stroll, the Pergola and Hill garden in Hampstead Heath is the perfect location. This is yet another spot in London filled with history that is completely free to visit! In 1904, Lord Leverhulme purchased a townhouse in the area called ‘The Hill’.  Over the following years, he acquired more and more land, all to make his dream of his Pergola a reality – but what is ‘the Pergola’ do you ask? Well, these spectacular gardens were designed not only to cater for family and friends during long summer evenings, but for incredible Edwardian garden parties too. Unfortunately, after Leverhulme’s death, the gardens fell into a decline and to this day, they haven’t been kept up with nearly the same level of care. However, what the Pergola lacks in the extravagance it once held, it makes up for in history and atmosphere, and is definitely worth a stroll.

The Pergola and Hill Garden, Hampstead Heath

The Pergola – Taken from