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How to Prepare for a Skype Interview

Top Tips for a Skype Interview!

By Liila

Have you ever had a Skype Interview? If you’re answer is no, we’re actually quite surprised! Indeed, more than 63% of HR managers stated that their company often conducts employment interviews via video-Skype. What does this mean for us? Simply that we need to be ready also in case of a video interview! A Skype interview is similar to a normal face-to-face job interview but there are some specific things you should pay attention. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of useful tips to follow:

1. If you’re not an expert with Skype, it’s time to create an account and play around with friends, improvising and rehearsing online with them;
2. Clear the area, or in other words take care of your surroundings and be sure that what is behind you is not distracting to the person conducting the interview;
3. Ready for your screen test? If you’ve never done this before, you need to invest some time to prepare. Therefore, practice must be your everyday mantra;
4. Place the laptop on a desk and sit up straight. Roll your shoulders back and down so that you have good posture and open your chest in order to seem confident.
5. Smile for the camera: try to smile and make eye contact as much as you can;
6. Don’t check yourself continuously and focus on the interviewer. By being anxious of how you look you get distracted and at the same time you look like a narcissus who wants to check out his self all the time.
7. Speak clearly and slowly cause sometimes the connection can be bad and it’s the worst thing to have the interviewer asking you to repeat what you just said.
8. Act confident and use the law of 3’s (for every question say no more than 3 short things);
9. Although having the job interview from home, chewing a gum during the Skype interview can be a total fail.
10. Avoid overhead lighting, since on video, overhead lighting casts dark shadows, making you look very bad;

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