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How You Can Earn Money By Renting Out Your Parking Space in London with Stashbee

By Chantelle Ramdeen

Three things are guaranteed in life. Death, taxes and uh… expensive parking tickets in London. Not only that, but with the cost of living increasing at the fastest rate seen in 30 years, it’s reported that many will be facing a “year of the squeeze” in 2022. It’s not ideal, but luckily there are ways to save money when parking your car in the capital. Not only that, but you can also earn money from your unused parking space or driveway. “How?” you ask. Well, online community marketplaces like Stashbee are shining a light on the power of the sharing economy, whilst also allowing regular people to become microentrepreneurs.

What Is Stashbee?

Stashbee is the space place. In other words, it’s a marketplace for storage and parking space. The platform encourages people to make good use out of their unused space, connecting Hosts who have the space to Renters who need the space.

Stashbee has over 2 million square feet of space on their platform. From garages and lofts to warehouses and parking spaces. Starting off as strictly a storage marketplace, Stashbee has since grown its service to cover long-term and short-term parking, offering Londoners the chance to earn from their unused parking space and to save money by using parking spaces from nearby locals.

How You Can Save and Earn Money By Renting Out Your Parking Space in London with Stashbee

Unsplash | Franco Ruarte

Save Money By Renting a Parking Space

So if you’re a Londonder who often drives, you’ll know of the struggles to:

  1. Find a parking spot in London
  2. Find a parking space that’s right where you want it
  3. Find a parking space in the city that doesn’t break the bank

Simply put, parking in London is a challenge… and not a very fun one either! But with Stashbee you can quite easily put those parking worries to bed. On the platform, you’ll find people just like you who are making money by sharing their spare parking space with the local community.

You can easily find a parking space on Stashbee by typing in the postcode or name of the area you wish to park in. Then the search map will display a series of verified and vetted Hosts’ spaces along with images of the space, Google Street View, a description of it and the security features included. For instance, does it have CCTV? Does it have restricted or private access? Or any security lighting features? There’s a variety of parking spaces available in London, so you can find and book a space to suit your budget as well as your needs.

Long-term monthly parking

Looking for a space you can hold onto for quite a while? Stashbee offers long-term parking options. This means you’ll pay for the space on a monthly rolling basis, until notice is served. Also, paying your Host is completely safe, seamless and cashless. And you can helpfully track your monthly spending with auto-generated invoices.

Short-term hourly and daily parking

On the other hand, parking spaces can be rented on Stashbee for the short-term. Whether you need it for just an hour, or even a day, you’ll be able to find a parking spot as soon as possible. And with the Instant Book option, you’ll be able to book the space right away and start parking at your designated time without any extra faff – simple!

The good news is that everytime you book, Stashbee makes sure your Host and yourself sign their Booking Terms, so your booking is protected in case anything goes wrong. Plus, their London-based customer support team will be readily available to help you every step of the way.

Earn Money By Renting Out Your Parking Space

On the other hand, maybe you don’t have a vehicle, but you have a parking spot. It becomes a waste of space that you’ll never really use, but it’s actually somebody else’s prized parking dream.

Stashbee is not only a sustainable option when looking for parking space, but it also offers a truly passive income. It’s just one of the top ways to make extra money in London – and one of the easiest ways too!

Simple, smart and sustainable

Firstly, it’s free to list your spare space on the Stashbee website. You’ll need some photos of the space and to fill in details about it, including any security elements it may have. One of the best features is you get to set your earnings. Essentially, you choose how much you earn from your space. Stashbee will give you a recommended price to charge based on other Host spaces in your location, plus the features your space includes. Then, just sit back and wait for bookings to come in from verified Renters.

How You Can Save and Earn Money By Renting Out Your Parking Space in London with Stashbee

Unsplash | Nicolas J Leclercq

You can also choose when Renters can access your space. By editing your availability calendar, Renters know when they can book your space and when they can’t. Eliminating any extra hassle for the both of you.

Also, Stashbee will ask both yourself and your Renter to sign their Booking Terms, to make sure your booking is protected. Plus, it’s super easy to keep in touch with your Renters and manage your bookings through Stashbee’s hassle-free booking dashboard.

Parking in London Made Easy

And there you have it! Whether you’re looking for cheaper parking options in London or hoping to earn some extra income by renting out your spare parking space, Stashbee brings the local community together in doing so. Not only will you save money on your parking in London, but you’ll be empowering people just like you to become microentrepreneurs and earn extra income. It’s a win-win!