InTRANSIT Festival 2015 - Broke in London

InTRANSIT Festival 2015

InTRANSIT Festival shakes things up in Kensington, Chelsea, and Notting Hill, 19-28 June

By Jessica Ruano

One of the wonderful things about London is that you can live in the same borough for years and still be surprised by what it can offer. You may have a very specific association with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Perhaps it makes you think of the historical figures or celebrities who have lived here. Or your favourite reality television series. Or perhaps, for you, it’s just another point on the 2015 election map. Or that place you go to visit the major London museums.

But InTRANSIT Festival likes to shake things up a bit.

Why not set a hip hop performance in a cemetery. Or create a dance routine inspired by the Kensington Gardens and local parks. Or build a pop-up art school in Powis Square. Or turn Acklam Village into a seaside resort.

As you commute to work, it’s easy to pass by these spots with hardly a second glance. But as InTRANSIT Festival starts to transform what was once familiar, you may find yourself taking a closer look.

Here are just a few of the best FREE events happening at InTRANSIT Festival this year:

  • ART|HOUSE: come to Powis Square to attend art school in a building created with 4000 colourful milk crates. (19-28 June, exact workshop times on
InTRANSIT Festival 2015

ARTHOUSE credit John Tiberi

  • Shifting Sands: two Londoners quit their day jobs to travel across the Middle East and North Africa in a 1971 Land Rover. This is your chance to meet ‘Landy’ the vehicle on Exhibition Road, outside Chelsea Theatre, and on Golborne Road (19-28 June)
InTRANSIT Festival 2015

Shifting Sands car

  • Los Voldores de Papantla: celebrate the festival opening weekend as flying Mexican birdmen take to the skies in Emslie Horniman’s Pleasance (20-21 June 6pm)
InTRANSIT Festival 2015

Origins Voladores

  • Toxic Monks: a barbershop quartet of runaway monks find themselves somewhere between purgatory and paradise. Secret location. (20-21 June 6:30pm)
  • Fast Moving Consumables: your morning commute may be inspired by an interaction with these folks as they search for meaning in the 9 to 5. Ladbroke Grove Underground Station. (22-26 June 8:30am)
InTRANSIT Festival 2015

Fast Moving Consumables – credit Mike Massaro

  • Urban Beach: spend your weekend by the seaside… in Acklam Village! This time the beach comes to you: build sandcastles and relax on deckchairs, just around the corner from Portobello Market (26-28 June)

Grab a tour guide from Notting Hill Books, and take a walk around the neighbourhood you thought you knew. Over the next 10 days, you’re sure to find something that will surprise you.

Don’t forget to visit InTRANSIT Festival’s official website for full details and follow on Twitter at @InTRANSITFest.

What: InTRANSIT Festival 2015
When: in various locations across Kensington, Chelsea and Notting Hill
Where: from 19 to 28 June 2015
Cost: Free

A bit about Jessica
Hailing from the wilds of Canada, Jessica Ruano moved to London 4 years ago and loves acquainting herself with the various boroughs. She is passionate about cycling, local businesses, and making art accessible to everyone.

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