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Importance of Entertainment in a Student’s Life

Students, don’t forget to relax

Guest post by George Thompson

Our daily life is often flooded with entertainment from social media or television. Such content is often viewed as fun. However, when it comes to entertainment-related to education, most people consider it boring, which results in a lack of concentration and unproductivity.

Most teachers believe that entertainment media such as video games, social networking apps and online content can significantly hurt a student’s academic performance. However, that is far from the truth as recent research shows that entertainment has various cognitive, social and emotional benefits to a student.

Enhancing perceptual skills and problem-solving skills are some of the cognitive benefits of entertainment media to a scholar. Viewing an interesting media content also boosts mood, competence and networking capabilities. Furthermore, entertainment creates a fun attitude, and when humor is included, then it contributes to the well-being of an individual. So what other proven benefits does entertainment provide for students?

Learn Better

Technology has made it easier for a student to find an essay writer and get assistance on any challenging writing task. The internet also makes it possible for students to access a wide variety of fun activities that they can partake in after class. Fun content motivates a student to want to know more about the topic; hence they end up learning better. Entertainment can be in the form of a film, television and radio programs, folk art, live performances, sports events, games, music and drama. Integrating popular entertainment is a great way to ensure students reap the maximum benefits of learning.

Develop Digital Skills

Over 120 billion apps have been downloaded by consumers worldwide, and entertainment apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram rank amongst the most favourite.

Since most businesses are digitising their operations, students that hope to boost their employability opportunities must possess the essential skills. However, the curriculum is rarely flexible. Hence educators might not be in a position to teach digital skills that meet the industry needs.

Knowing how to use entertainment apps effectively is a skill that students and professionals need to have as it enables one to grow their social media marketing and communication skills.

Source of Employment

Did you know that construction toys such as Lego have immense benefits to a student? The toys stimulate creativity, architectural interests, reasoning and problem-solving skills. The puzzle-like appeal has made the entertainment toy to be readily acceptable in various adult settings like in the workplace.  Furthermore, numerous famous Lego artists have used the playfulness of the toy to captivate viewers and earn an income. Such artists are a great source of inspiration for many students and good role models.

Positive Interactions

Forms of entertainment, such as online video games and sporting events, stimulate social interaction and promote teamwork. By interacting with other players, students build thriving relationships. Fun games also teach a child how to plan, organize and innovation.

Eliminates Boredom

Imagine sitting in a class for hours listening to a long lecture with no humor or break whatsoever. I bet you’d sleep throughout the lesson or daydream about other fun activities. Sitting in the same spot for many hours decreases productivity.

Considering that the concentration span tends to be short, then it’s ideal for teachers to use school entertainment as a way of eradicating boredom caused by a monotonous environment.

Role-playing is a good way to inject some fun into a class which also allows learners to horn their acting skills while a joke breaks the tension associated with discussing complex topics. Fun-filled entertainment strategies incorporated in a classroom ensures that there is never a dull moment in class.

Form of Relaxation

A student’s brain is often juggling so many things, and for it to function effectively, it needs relaxation. While sleep helps it to recharge, entertainment can help an individual to relax and concentrate better on the academic task at hand.

Entertaining activities also provide a momentary escape from any stress that you might be having and act as a form of life coping mechanism. Furthermore, not every student can afford a daily massage to help ease away the daily pressures.

But with free entertainment videos and music, anyone can use such tools as a source of pleasure. For instance, music boosts mental performance and soothes the mind, which helps to better cope with pain.

Entertainment can quickly transform education into an exciting process and make it feels less like a chore. Furthermore, when education intersects with fun, then a student becomes motivated to learn more even after that particular lesson is over.