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Jobs at Facebook London October 2015

68 Facebook jobs available this month

By Manolis Zografakis

They say that hiring slows down in June and July before picking up at the end of August and that the big months for job hunting are January and February. However, they also say that late September and October are also great months for finding a job as more of the hiring managers return from vacation. So, if you have have been looking for that perfect job for a while or you have just started your job search, now is the time to hit the ‘apply’ button.

In the current economic climate, finding a job in London is not that easy and many times jobseekers try to find a ‘survival job’ that will give them some extra time to look for their ideal ‘career job’. Well with Facebook and other major companies, you can say goodbye to part-time jobs and start thinking careers. With great job benefits from free paid holiday to free meals, and close to 70 vacancies available in the London offices, what have you got to lose?

To be exact, there are 68 available jobs with open positions including jobs in Marketing, Engineering, Sales, Accounts, HR, Design, Legal and many more. Scroll down to find out more and click on the links to apply.

jobs at Facebook London

Careers at Facebook

Account Management

Partnerships, Games

Product Management

Small & Medium Business

Solutions & Partner Engineering

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