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The Big Draw – The World’s Largest Drawing Festival

Free Drawing Events For Those Who Don’t Draw

By Amy Clancy (@AmyClancyUK)

If you were asked to tell a story through a drawing, what would you draw? Or would you be more likely to write the words “I can’t draw” and feel a bit miffed at having been put on the spot – your ‘weakness’ exposed?

It is interesting how after primary school people seem to align with one of two camps: those who believe that they can draw and those who believe they can’t. Easily identified as those who bounce on the spot at Christmas when Pictionary comes out of the cupbo­­ard and those who become suddenly very interested in their new Santa socks, previously discarded in the other room.

The Big Draw 2015

Ready Steady Colour at The Big Draw Launch

The universal language of… drawing

Considering the role of images in today’s society and the fact that drawing is one of the first ways we communicate with each other, it’s surprising how many people simply pack up their pencils and stop. Drawing is one of the most universal languages and it is quite literally at our fingertips but it is often viewed as a talent that some people have while others lack.

The Big Draw 2015

Kids and parents enjoying The Big Draw Launch

Arts education charity, The Big Draw, does not believe this is the case. In fact, The Big Draw is the creator and driving force behind the world’s biggest drawing festival, which aims to get absolutely everyone drawing regardless of age, race and gender. Now in it’s 15th year the month-long festival was created as part of the charity’s vision that drawing changes lives for the better – and that everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves through the universal language of drawing. This year, The Big Draw was launched by Philip Pullman and Chris Riddell, and throughout October, from Bangalore to Bradford, New York to the Cayman Islands Big Draw events of every shape and size will celebrate the theme Every Drawing Tells a Story.

Spark your imagination

When you think about it, everything starts with a drawing. From the bed you sleep in to the clothes you wear. Drawing is an essential tool to communicate, explore and discover whether it’s within science, art, design or technology. This October, free events at venues up and down the country are encouraging people to put a pencil in their hands and see what stories unfold and where their imagination may lead.

The Big Draw 2015

Illustration by Artist Patrick Vale

London Celebrates Drawing Like Never Before

In London, a huge range of free drawing events, exhibitions or workshops are taking place making The Big Draw one of Broke in London’s top 10 free/cheap events, this Autumn. Among the list, two stand out and both take place this weekend.

Saturday 10th October

On Saturday 10th October, The Big Draw will celebrate the world’s first Architecture Drawing Day with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

Sunday 11th October

On Sunday, 11th October, Drawing the World with The Big Draw UAL’s Central Saint Martin’s, Quentin Blake’s House of Illustration and King’s Cross will take over Granary Square with a spectacular series of events.

The Big Draw 2015

Drawing the World event on Sunday 11th of October

What: The Big Draw 2015
1st – 31st October
Where: Various locations around London
Cost: Varies but there are many free events