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Have You Seen the King’s Cross Christmas Tree?

The installation by British artist Alex Chinneck is called “Fighting fire with ice cream”

By Steph Dye (follow Steph on Twitter: @HelloIAmSteph)

Ever wondered how Christmas trees, once chopped down, are transported to the UK STILL looking so fresh? Well the artist behind this installation, Alex Chinneck would have us all believe that they are transported deep frozen in huge blocks of ice! Never fear however, this giant piece of art (which stands 17 feet high) isn’t likely to melt anytime soon. This is because it is actually made from two tonnes of carved resin, whilst the “puddle” that surround it is actually 550 pound of poured, clear wax. Standing to the height of a two-storey house, the tree is also a spectacle at night; adorned with 1,200 twinkling lights.

"Fighting fire with ice cream"

“Fighting fire with ice cream” ©kingscross.co.uk

This is not Alex’s first unusual installation in London however. Other unusual pieces with out-there titles have included a house made of wax that melted over 30 days (A pound of flesh for 50p), an unpside down, floating pylon (A bullet from a shooting star) and (Take my lightning but don’t steal me thunder), a stone building that partially hovered above the Covent Garden Piazza.

Frozen CHristmas tree

Alex’s previous installations ©alexchinneck.com

So for a “cool” art installation that’s worth checking out this Christmas, check out “Fighting fire with ice cream”

What: A sculpture that looks like a huge Christmas tree encase in ice.
When: Until the 6th January 2017.
Where: 1 Granary Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AA.

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