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Little Wing Film Festival Returns To Celebrate New Filmmakers

As the film industry eagerly opens up, one festival has been busy organising for their September comeback and spotlighting the young filmmakers who have continued to create during the pandemic. An industry that’s been unfunded, encouraged to reskill, yet entirely been relied upon to keep us busy during lockdown, festivals like Little Wing Film Festival reawakening grassroots film, lifting up young filmmakers and screening their festival shorts from September 21-16.

Little Wing is a volunteer-run festival in London set on creating more accessible and sustainable pathways for young people breaking into film. In order to champion a more equitable and diverse industry in future, the pathways to progress need to be open to those who don’t have the privilege of working unpaid at the early stages. Join them for their hybrid festival screening work from exciting and progressive voices emerging into film.

With in-person opening and closing nights, you can jump into their online events throughout the week with short film programmes touching on everything from womxn-led narratives to isolation and connection. Check out a few highlights below and the full programme here.

Little Wing Film Festival Returns To Celebrate New Filmmakers

Little Wing Film Festival

Opening Night

Lush couches, goodie bags, live music and a welcome back to the cinema, Opening Night kicks off at Everyman in Chelsea (ooooh!)

Rethink Reskill Reboot

After 2 years of being told to rethink their careers and shift into cybersecurity, the dancers, actors, designers and dreamers are continuing to champion the importance of arts and culture


Catch Ice Cream and Doughnuts on Opening Night with Hamilton’s Jamael Westman, as well as Thank You So Much exploring performative NHS clapping, Mowes takes you on a Cornish language love story, and Wifi-Rider on queer expression in Palestine.

Free Tickets

Whoever is finding the ticket price a barrier to engaging with the festival in the current climate can utilise their free ticketing scheme. Watch the full programme online for free or check out with a £5 supporter ticket. Film is for everyone.

Free Events

Learn how to light your film, find film financing support, and understand submissions best practices with the free events to support filmmakers.

Discover new films, support emerging filmmakers, and join Little Wing this week at here

When: September 21-16 2021
Where: Everyman Chelsea//Hen and Chickens//Online
Cost: Free-£10