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London’s Best Foraging groups

Discover wild food in London!

By Afro (follow her on Twitter: @graphiclondoner)

Foraging is the activity of looking around for wild food resources – a lot like hunting. It may surprise you, but you don’t need to live in the country side to discover edible flowers. On the contrary, London provides more than enough opportunities to explore nature and maybe even go home with a salad topping or a couple or pieces of fruit.

Of course, going on your own is no fun, let alone dangerous if you are un-trained; so we have made a pick of the best foraging courses and walks across London!

#1 Forage London

John organises walks in North London – most of which get booked many months in advance. Each walk costs about £30, but having joined one last month, I can tell you it is worth it. During the walk you can expect to sample a variety of edible plants and learn a lot about herbs and how you can use them to prepare hot infused drinks!

Where: North London
Cost: £30-£35 per person

London’s Best Foraging groups

Pic taken by Forage London FB page

#2 Urban Harvest

Urban Harvest is a free, informal network based in North London that meets up the third Saturday of every month for fruit picking and food tasting.

Where: North London
Cost: free

London’s Best Foraging groups

Pic by Urban Harvest

#3 Forage Wild Food

Jason organises walks in some of London’s most beautiful parks, including Alexandra Palace and Victoria Park. As he studies herbal medicine, you will learn to recognise a variety of herbs and how to use them to cure common health problems like migraines and inflammations. Each walk costs £30 but make sure to book your slot in advance as there is a lot of demand!

Where: In London parks
Cost: £30 per person

London’s Best Foraging groups

Pic taken by Forage Wild Food FB page

#4 London Foraging courses

Robin is a highly experienced forager and organises foraging walks in secret central London locations (only revealed once you book). He promises to show you at least 20 different wild plants!

Where: Secret central London locations
Cost: £50 per person

London’s Best Foraging groups

Pic taken by Foraging group in London

#5 Fungi to be with

Last but not least, a group dedicated to my fridge staple: mushrooms! Fungi to be with will introduce you to the amazing world of fungi. They organise walks, workshops and pop-up breakfasts throughout September and October when mushrooms are in their peak!

Where: Secret central London locations
Cost: £25 per person or £45 per couple

London’s Best Foraging groups

Pic taken by

As a parting thought, foraging should be done in moderation – especially in London where resources are so limited. Foraging is an activity to bring you closer to nature and get you some sunshine rather than produce a week’s worth of meals!

P.S. If this article inspired you to pay more attention to what you eat, take a look at our guide to home-cooked meals on the cheap!

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