meli melo Sample Sale Summer 2014 - Broke in London

meli melo Sample Sale Summer 2014

Your chance to afford a luxury bag!

by Katerina

What: meli melo Sample Sale
When: Thursday 10th July (8am – 6:30pm)
Where: meli melo Store, 324 Portobello Road. London, W10 5RU

Admit it, you have spent hours going through the Vogue or celebrity gossip magazines looking at the gorgeous luxury bags that celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Kate Middleton, Fearne Cotton, and Olivia Palermo are wearing. Don’t be ashamed! You are one of many who dream of one day being able to afford these gorgeous pieces of style and amazingness. Well, we’ve got news for you; the day has come where you can lay your hands on these items of high fashion.

Discount fashion 80% off!

The luxury handbag brand meli melo sample sale is happening Thursday 10th of July in London and you should not miss the chance to buy a fashion magazine featured- celebrity loved- stylish bag for 80% off its original price! Amazing, ha… we know and you are welcome!

What: meli melo Sample Sale
 Thursday 10th July (8am – 6:30pm)
Where: meli melo Store, 324 Portobello Road. London, W10 5RU

Meli Melo Summer Sample Sale

meli melo

Leather luxury and style

The Luxury British handbag brand meli melo’s designer Melissa Del Bono envisions to bring beautiful, stand-alone designs to the international handbag and accessories market. And the Duchess of Cambridge -uber chic princess- Kate, model/actress Rosie Huntington Whiteley, socialite Olivia Palermo and fashion model Georgia May Jagger would definitely agree as they all just love their meli melo handbags.

Meli Melo Summer Sample Sale

meli melo

Timeless bags and famously unique accessories

We visited the store-pastel heaven- in one of London’s coolest neighbourhoods, Portobello Road and admired the gorgeous elegant and sophisticated bags and accessories. My personal favourites are the Thela Architectural stone, the Thela Prep Spex Flamingo Splatter, and the Demi Leonie Bracelets. Oh and I do have my eye on that amazing beach bag for my beach vacations (no need to remind me that the beach is going to be Brighton… at least I will be the most stylish out there).

Meli Melo Sample Sale

Thela Architectural stone

Sample sale happening

I can go on and on about the luxury Italian leather, timelessly chic design and subtle branding combined form handbags that can be kept forever and passed down through generations. As far as I am concerned it is not just a bag, it is an investment and guess what… you can now afford it without breaking the bank.

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