MERGE Festival 2014 - Broke in London

MERGE Festival 2014

MERGE Festival brings Art & Science to Bankside

Art and science are often viewed as being on completely opposite ends of the spectrum. Art is generally associated with creativity, imagination and making anything possible, whereas science is based on facts, figures and discovering the truth. But what if the two were combined? Together, they can create very exciting and unexpected experiences. Come see for yourself at this year’s annual month-long MERGE festival in Bankside.

The free festival is supported by the Tate Modern, Better Bankside and the Arts Council and runs from 18th September to 19th October and will celebrate science, discovery and encourage participation at venues across Bankside.

Highlights you won’t want to miss:

Alex Chinneck’s ‘A pound of Flesh for 50p’

MERGE Festival 2014

Alex Chinneck

A familiar face will be returning to this year’s MERGE Festival to once again bring art – and science – to life against the backdrop of historic Bankside. Alex created the ‘Minor on the Moon’ (also known as ‘The Upside Down House’) on Blackfriars Road for last years’ festival. This year, he will turn heads with a life size construction of a house made from wax bricks that will gradually melt, leaving just the roof on the floor at the end of the festival. The artwork explores the science of melting points and celebrates the history of an area that once housed the largest candle-making factory in Southwark.

Bompas and Parr’s ‘Sensed Presence’

Sensed Presence

Local art duo Bompas and Parr are taking the traditional haunted house to an entirely new level as they take individuals into the land of the dead with their ‘wearable’ installation. Scared? Good! Their clever headpiece is said to stimulate parts of the brain most susceptive to supernatural experiences. This experience is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Peter William Holden’s Dance Machines

MERGE Festival 2014

Credit photo to Medial MirageMatthias Moller

British visual artist Peter William Holden defies the stereotypes of robots as stiff moving androids by infusing a bit of soul into science with his tap dancing robot shoes. The exhibit will have audiences toe-tapping — and a lucky few will even have the opportunity to set their own beat at the control panel.

Riverside Stage and London’s highest gig

Of course no festival would be complete without music, and MERGE is no different. The Riverside Stage will be offering the public free access to fantastic live music from emerging artists and new talent every Saturday and Sunday during MERGE festival. Situated on the river near the Millennium Bridge and the TATE Modern everyone is welcome to dance, sing or just kick back and relax.

Tickets for all exhibits will be free, but many require booking in advance, so visit the MERGE website to avoid disappointment.

What: MERGE Festival
Where: Bankside, London
When: 18th September – 19th October 2014
Admission fee: FREE!

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