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Mykonos, a wonder of Cyclades islands

Guest post by Alex Kalos

Greece is a chamber of treasures. Out of the many historically and architecturally rich islands it houses, Mykonos is also one of the popular tourist attractions. If you’re looking to unwind this summer, Mykonos is the perfect place. The weather, the scenery, and the culture will provide the ideal break from the stress of your everyday life. While you’re looking for the perfect vacation in Mykonos, be sure to check out My Rental Homes for Mykonian villas, you’ll be amazed how cheap these villas can cost when travelling with a group!

A little background

There isn’t much present regarding the island in ancient history, but it does gain recognition due to its neighbouring island, Delos. Delos is where the deity, Delo, is believed to have given birth to Apollo, the God of the sun, and poetry. Some stories even link the island to Hercules and his adventures. Though its history is ambiguous, it’s been significant enough for the island to receive recognition and become substantial with time.

The ideal way to spend time in Mykonos

So you’ve decided it’s time to head to Mykonos. Now you need to get some planning done. For instance, where will you live? We recommend going to a villa, and there’s plenty of reasons why you won’t regret this decision.

Ample space

With a villa, you’ll have more than enough space for yourself and the people with you. You won’t be cramped up in a room, as would be the case with a hotel. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to live in a home away from home as you bask in the luxuries of ancient Greece. You might be hesitant, thinking a villa will probably cost you more than a hotel room and you shouldn’t opt for it, but guess what! Villas aren’t that expensive. When all your friends pool in together, you’ll be paying less than that for a hotel room and getting double space!

A Mykonian theme

All the villas in Mykonos are built according to ancient architecture. This makes them highly scenic and authentic sights. Every day will feel like a journey to ancient Greece, even if all you’re doing is getting up and heading to the kitchen. You’ll have a majestic backdrop for all your photos at all times!

What places should you visit in Mykonos?

Once you’re settled in your villa, it’s time to plan the next step; what area should you explore? There’s landmark upon landmark waiting for you. We’ve shortlisted a few to get you going.

Little Venice

What if you came to Greece but gained the Italian experience too? That’s precisely how you’ll feel at Little Venice. The town is located by the sea, mirroring the scene in Venice. It provides a beautiful view of the sunset, something people gather to cherish every day.


The capital city of Mykonos is a token of its culture and history. The streets of Chora, a Mykonos Town, are lined with restaurants and gift shops that you won’t be able to get enough of. It’s a must for all first-timers.

Lia beach

Once you’re done visiting tourist hotspots, head over to Lia beach for a little quiet time. It’s filled with serene silence that will give you a sense of peace that’s hard to get enough of.

Final word

Now that you’re caught up on the wonder that is Mykonos, it’s time to pack and book a flight. It’s never too late to make the most of the summer with a bit of Greek getaway.