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Mykonos: Which Islands To Visit Around It

4 islands to visit

Guest post by Christos Kostouros

If you happen to visit Greece any time soon, you will be probably thinking about where to stay. Thank God it’s not a problem anymore. You can go ahead and book a Mykonos villa and forget about the possibility of hiring a place of dubious quality just to save a few dollars. Besides, an inappropriate room or apartment may ruin your vacation in the blink of an eye. In fact, it is a scenario we don’t even want to think of. After reserving your beautiful Mykonos villa you are free to move on with the rest of the arrangements. But have you even considered sailing to nearby islands? There are plenty of them and they deserve your attention.


Starting off with this wonderful and majestic island there is so much stuff to do. You must light your candle in the Holy Monastery of Saint Pelagia and of course in the world-famous church of Virgin Mary above the Chora of the island. You should also visit the Kolymvithres Beach on the north of the isle if the north wind isn’t that severe. Except for that, don’t miss out on the chance to taste yummy ice-cream and mouthwatering fish and meat on the local taverns which are really the icing on the cake of such an adventure.


Syros is a true diamond in the centre of Cyclades and Ermoupoli (Chora) is the capital of the complex as a whole. Upon arriving on the island ask where to head for Vaporia neighbourhood. It’s a beauty and you’ll catch yourself staring at the traditional architecture of the mansions being left with your mouth open. If these were not enough to please you, you might as well walk down the “Stars” beach. It’s not sandy at all, but its crystal-clear turquoise waters will more than compensate you for bothering to try it. Last but not least, Saint Stephanos Chapel is on a category of its own and only if you get there will you realise what I’m talking about. It was built literally on the rocks by a fisherman who prayed to God to be rescued as he was trapped by a huge octopus.


That is indeed a small island that few people know and even fewer visit every year. But that’s a big mistake to make. The Avenue of Lions is an extraordinary site as the aforementioned animals (made of marble)-which were a gift from the citizens of Naxos to god Apollo-are so impressive. If you are a nature-lover and love hiking, do yourself a courtesy by trekking on the top of Mt. Kynthos. It’s not high at all (113m) so you can take your children with you if they wish. Tip: You can’t stay anywhere in Delos and the island can only be discovered within a day’s trip. A Mykonos villa can offer you the roof you had been looking for nearby.


Another “lost” treasure near Mykonos that you may be reading about for the first time in your life. To begin with, you should check out the port and the village of Stavros, which happens to be the largest on the atoll. Don’t forget though to visit the rest of the communities too as they’re quaint and charming. Hiking is your passion? No problem! There are various paths to walk through and each and every one is a new story to narrate back home.