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Best Free and Cheap Coworking Spaces in London

Coworking spaces where you can earn money, not spend them

Guest post by Randolph Bunnell

Getting a private office in London is quite difficult for startups and other entrepreneurs. Instead, many people choose to work from coffee shops, which can prove difficult due to the many distractions in these places. As such, coworking spaces have gained a lot of popularity among startups who are looking for flexible and affordable working areas. Luckily, London has plenty of such spaces that are either free of charge or are available at a low cost. However, choosing the best coworking space can be hard at times. Below are the best free and cheap coworking spaces available in London.

#1. Campus London

Located at Old Street, Campus London is one of the cities’ most prominent startup hub with over 22,000 members from more than 60 countries. It is the best place for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups who want to learn, collaborate, and bring their vision to life. It offers free Wi-Fi in addition to having an underground coffee shop where people hang out in between meetings or fuel a busy schedule. Campus London also offers entrepreneurial workshops and talks that help in promoting a strong sense of community. Signing in is done via the Campus London website and is free.

#2. TechHub

Also situated at Old Street, TechHub is an ideal location for early-stage startups. Its space is cool and fitted with decent facilities. It is the place to be for startups who want to build business relationships and solve operation challenges under one roof. Team membership goes for a low cost of £1800 plus VAT per month while part-time subscription for individuals costs £600 and VAT per year. Such a subscription comes with perks such as flexible workspace, marketing support, mentorship, as well as entrepreneurial events. In addition to this, members enjoy high-speed free internet suitable for crowdsourcing knowledge from commercial specialists, engineers, and founders. Meeting spaces, printing services, and a fully stocked kitchen are also within TechHub’s walls.

#3. The British library

At this national library, entrepreneurs get quiet co-working space to conduct their activities. It has a business and IP centre specifically built for investors and entrepreneurs. Startups and business owners are required to register for a Reader Pass if they wish to enjoy the IP section together with its resources. The library offers services such as access to market reports, company data, and business directories. The special wing for entrepreneurs also offers workshop programs, talks, and advice sessions. The only downside at the library is that the internet isn’t free but is accessible at an affordable cost.

#4. TMRW Hub

For tech startups located in South London, Croydons TMRW hub is the closest coworking place to get work done. It is a stylish place with lots of space. It is specially built for tech innovation where startups can enjoy tech-related programs, workshops, and resources. The place also allows tech-startups to meet and collaborate with their tech counterparts. Also, entrepreneurs and startups enjoy advice and support from the management team from the tech industry. A startup will need to pay a fee of £99 and VAT every month to enjoy a personal dedicated desk at the place.

#5. Greenhouse London

This coworking space is located at Newington Green and Hackney. It offers entrepreneurs and startups access to meeting rooms, permanent desk space or hot desk, hosting lockers, as well as wellness at work programs. To join the coworking space, a startup should pay £50 monthly. Such a member will enjoy access to printing facilities, business addresses, private phone booths, Wi-Fi, and bike storage. There is also a media lab for photoshop and autocad3D. Members can also participate in fun events such as music gigs, workshops, meetups, and seasonal markets from time to time.

#6. The Barbican Centre

It is well-known for being the largest arts centre in the UK. It is a home for entrepreneurs and startups who fancy arts and cultural events. Apart from free Wi-Fi, the Barbican centre also offers the members free arts and cultural events programs in its Level G section. If that is not enough, the place has plenty of space to get work done which includes the Mammoth complex, library, and Cafe. Joining the Barbican centre is easy. Interested startups only need to arrive at the centre, find a place to sit, and get started.

#7. Ace Hotel – Shoreditch

Located at Shoreditch High Street, the Ace Hotel is an excellent place for entrepreneurs who want to socialise, collaborate, or work independently. It is spacious and offers members many services. For instance, free wifi, communal work talks, and partitioned spaces making it a conducive environment to work. Aside from work, startups also get to enjoy a variety of drinks offered at the bar as well as fun events. There is also a juice bar, coffee shop, and a snack bar for fuelling long days. Getting a coworking space at the Ace Hotel is free. Simply finding a seat at the hotel is enough to guarantee entrepreneurs a place of work.


Coworking spaces are an ideal choice for entrepreneurs who are looking for a break from the traditional office setup or noisy cafés. At these hotspots, they can network, air their ideas, and most importantly, reduce the costs of renting a private workspace. However, as the business grows, it is still good to get a private workspace which also has advantages. If it is about finding a place to work inconsistently or just for the day, the above-mentioned places are the best for you. A startup will only need to evaluate their unique needs, then pick the coworking space that serves those needs best.

Author’s Bio:

Randolph Bunnell is a freelance copywriter and blogger with a medical background. In his blog Skin Answer, he shares info regarding the most common diseases and provides tips on how to treat them. Randolph also has a deep interest in IT and digital marketing and regularly contributes to various blogs and online magazines.