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No Christmas Gift Will Ever Match Bordeaux Wines

Guest post  by Hannah Madison

When we talk about a smooth drink that can be transformed into a Christmas gift, Frenchment know the deal! Cropping up from Europe’s industrial powerhouse is the Bordeaux region that is known for its high-quality wine. Bordeaux wines are mainly red wines produced in southwestern France.

Wine is a powerful emblematic drink, often highlighting someone’s status. But a symbolic gift pack containing Bordeaux wines possesses a special meaning to the receiver. It shows them unconditional love for their wellbeing. This Christmas is the time to surprise your loyal partner, friend or loving parents with Bordeaux wines. However, being faced with two attractive options, red and white wine, it is important to perfectly match the type of wine with the receiver. Let us explore these two wine varieties and see which option is best for each type of person.

Red wine is a symbolic Christmas gift

Over 90% of France’s liquor is red wine. The color of the wine depends on the type and the chemical composition of the grapes. Dark-coloured grapes produce a lovely red wine. You know what? Ladies do love red; therefore, your gift will be explicitly treasured if you come home with a bottle of Bordeaux red wine.

Red wine has a wide range of dryness and sweetness, depending on tannin and water level. Since only a few people love bitter things, limit yourself to this type of wine as your gift parcel unless you know that your loved one enjoys this flavor.You might also treat Christmas as a special day to commemorate your love; red wine will serve the purpose. Nonetheless, a bitter component in Bordeaux dry wine is not good for your sweet love, but the colour red shows a flourishing love! Even though these are two conflicting properties, the choice of a wine gift solemnly lies in your hands.

Red wine’s high alcohol volume is preferably suited for prolific drinkers. So, if you are looking for a Christmas gift to impress your old buddy who frequently visits a bar, red wines are the best option.

Why is white wine among the best gifts for special occasions?

Bordeaux is a splendid and fertile region with grapes such as Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, and Muscadelle producing voluminous and tasty white wine. This classic wine is suitable for presenting as a wonderful Christmas gift for its simplicity and unique properties.

White wine takes on wild flavours depending on brewers’ skills and ingredients. If someone receives it as a gift, he will enjoy an explosion of divergent tastes. From light and fruity to creamy flavours, all of them are in Bordeaux wines. Combining white wine’s sweet taste and divergent fruit savours results in a well- relished gift for your loved ones.

The less alcoholic volume, smooth texture, and long term aging process earns white wine an expensive price tag. Well, folks say friendship is priceless; thus, spend all you can to get a bottle of Bordeaux white wine as a Christmas gift.

Bordeaux wines are among the best-selling Christmas gifts people love to relish their loved ones with. Red wine is a symbolic drink; full of love, and a higher alcohol content crowns it a universal Christmas gift for people over the drinking age. While white wine is fairly expensive, it has nothing short of composite tastes, hence it too qualifies as a great gift.