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Six Inexpensive Gift Ideas for the Biggest Coffee Lovers

Guest post by Gabija Narbutienė

We all know that one person in our lives who cannot function at all without their daily dose of caffeine! If you have such a person in your lives, and if they belong from that group of ‘Coffee-Lovers’ who head out daily for their regular order to Starbucks or the type who’s always investigating the right coffee machines because they can’t make their perfect, regular cup of coffee at home, then these presents are sure to satisfy them!

Have a look at these inexpensive but highly handy and portable gift ideas given below.

Blue Mountain Coffee Gift Box Barrel

This gift pack is suitable for those real enthusiasts of coffee who also care about coffee farming ethics, and want to know from where their coffee beans have come from.

Although it can be an enjoyable experience to shop for special and unusual beans, sometimes it is merely the gift of the best kind of well-grown beans that makes the drinker happy and laughing.

This cute barrel of coffee consists of 100% Certified Blue Mountain Coffee, cultivated in one of Jamaica’s oldest farms. You should expect notes of fruity, herbal, and cocoa flavors.

You are welcoming your coffee lover friends to the elites of coffee society by buying a very special and sophisticated gift from anyone. Very ideally, you can purchase this special coffee box from here.

Minipresso Wacaco Gr

This perfect portable espresso machine is both a coffee maker and a nice mystery gift at the same time on our gift list. The Minipresso Wacaco Gr is really compact! It not only brews a good shot and can be conveniently and safely stored in a little space in your suitcase to be pulled out in victory whenever you face the “coffee in a bag” unpleasant hotel.

The small size, together with the “all you need is hot water and ground coffee” aspect, makes this a handy fun present that can (literally) be held in the pocket of every coffee lover.

Good Morning Coffee Gift Box

This is a perfect gift for someone who cherishes having a nice coffee and a wonderful meal to start their day. Without chocolate, it’s just not breakfast.

Bean Box has a special and elevated vision of the idea: pairs of similar high morning snacks from some of the finest breweries in San Francisco and Oakland with specific high-end coffee drinks.

Their Good Morning Gift package mixes four handpicked coffees by some of the finest coffee roasters in the Pacific Northwest.

Insulated Mug

The insulated coffee cup is a perfect gift for your coffee-loving commuting mate and is leakproof, spill-proof, and heat-proof. This cup will keep the coffee warm or cold for a considerable amount of time, retaining its freshness.
Its stainless insulated quintuple structure guarantees to keep drinks hot for around 5 and more hours or cool for around 12. There are many brands to choose from and a wide variety of colors and designs.

Six Inexpensive Gift Ideas for the Biggest Coffee Lovers

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Nomad Baker for Coffee

This is a highly-recommended option for those espresso lovers who, no matter where they go, want to take their coffee with them!

Another more compact alternative is the Nomad Espresso Machine if you are looking for a gift for espresso lovers. It is a new take on the traditional manual lever system.

This is a fancy device that streamlines the procedure and offers a constant supply of well-brewed espresso anywhere you go. It is light in weight, compact, and does not require a battery to function. It is the perfect dream present for a nomadic coffee traveler.

For the clunky old espresso system that uses up half your kitchen, it is a great substitute. The unit even comes in Royal Blue, Pont Red, and Pearl White, which will help it show under the Xmas tree, offering you some holiday colors to pick from.

The Chemex Coffee Maker

The Chemex Coffee Maker is considered to be the most iconic brewer in the new coffee revolution. And although its purpose is just to lie on the counter, its elegant, crystal-clear, chemistry-lab presence makes it a delight to look at. It can prove to be a wonderfully aesthetic addition to anyone’s counters. Not to forget the fact that it instantly produces some more of the finest coffee out to the “gaze in wonder” aspect, you can have a treat for everyone from the grittiest coffee beginner to some of the most adventurous coffee snobs.

Six Inexpensive Gift Ideas for the Biggest Coffee Lovers

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We hope that you have enjoyed reading the article. Nowadays, coffee fans and enthusiasts make the best individuals to shop for, because there are just so many chic, fashionable, and highly affordable coffee presents available to shop from.
Also, apart from every coffee lover (or even coffee snobs) enjoying these gifts, you will see that many of these coffee-inspired gifts make excellent keepsake items – use them as decoration gifts, health gifts, or even travel gifts. The super affordable prices make them a winner deal that will not only help you in making your friend happy but would also prove to be a light option on your pocket!