Pint of Science 2014 - Broke in London

Pint of Science 2014

An almost free 3 day science festival

Following the phenomenal success of Pint of Science 2013, the 3 day science festival is even bigger and better this year on May 19-21st in 8 different cities across the UK. The format is simple: provide down-to-earth talks by top scientists in the most relaxed setting possible – the pub!

The talks are all about recent discoveries from some of the best labs in the UK. Whether you’re a total nerd or simply enjoy a bit of debate over some liquid refreshment, you will come away with fascinating facts and unbelievable breakthroughs you can amaze your mates with.

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With 48 events to choose from in London, this year’s Pint of Science Festival offers a variety of talks on almost any scientific subject that you can imagine. Scientists from across 7 different London universities and institutes are taking part, with the venues organised by the following subjects so you can easily browse what tickles your fancy:

  • Matters of the Mind – How does your brain react to drugs? What are brain banks?
  • Our Body – How does our environment in the womb affect our adult lives? Can we engineer artificial lymph nodes?
  • Physics, Engineering, and Chemistry – Could we survive on Mars? How do solar flares effect the earth?
  • Planet Earth – Does the Yeti really exist? What can we learn from polar ice cores?

Tickets will be just £2 and will go on sale at the end of April on Pint of Science website.

Science sounds much more sexy with beer goggles on 😉

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Drink Up, Think Up!

What: Pint of Science 2014
When: 19th-21st May
Where: in various pubs in London and other 7 cities across the UK
Cost: £2 per event

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