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Budget Wedding in London

Tips for planning a budget wedding in London

Guest post by Katie Jones

You can have the wedding on your dreams in London – all on a budget! London is said to be one of the most expensive places to have a wedding; where prices of the venue and caterers are astronomical! However, where there’s a will, there’s a way! If you plan on getting married in London and have a tight budget, we’ve got you covered!

Katie from orlajames.com said “Every wedding can be made magical irrespective of the budget.  I find it best to break down how much each part of the wedding is estimated to cost. Then it’s possible for you to have the wedding of your dreams without going bankrupt in the process.”

Here is a list-wise breakup of important wedding overheads:

#1 | Wedding Venue

Wedding venues are the most expensive and there is no limit to what you would have to pay. Affordable places could be private dining halls in local restaurants, small hotels, favorite pub venues, and so on. Your favorite local garden (in summer), or football field could also work if you have an emotional attachment. You can easily transform these places into stylish wedding venues with the help of a beautiful wedding décor and theme.

Wedding in London

Finding an affordable wedding venue

#2 | Wedding Gown

Local stores in and around London have beautiful wedding dresses that are extremely affordable and are usually in the range of £125 – £400. You could also try and find white dresses for occasions that can be worn as your wedding gown. Another way for you to find the perfect gown is to hit the high street and try different dresses that fit your budget and style.

#3 | Ceremony

You can’t really compromise on the fees of the ceremony. The fees would be approximately £400 – £500. Even if you propose to go for a simple civil ceremony, you would still have to pay for the cost of the registrar and marriage license. If you plan a church ceremony, speak to the church and inquire if you could host the reception on church grounds later on. You might be able to save on those costs too!

#4 | Wedding shoes and accessories

You wedding accessories include your jewelry, veil, and shoes. The best way for you to control costs would be to search for some fantastic options online. Most retail stores also have a discount through their online portals where you might be able to find something fantastic without having to spend too much. For jewelry, borrow something from a family member which could also work as your ‘something borrowed’.

Budget Wedding in London

Wedding shoes

#5 | Wedding and Reception Décor

You can have a fancy wedding décor without shaking your budget. Table accessories, tablecloths, fairy lights, and centerpieces can be bought from your local boutiques and stores. You could also do what most trendy brides in London are doing and invest heavily in tea lights. Buying these in bulk can help minimize your expenses greatly. Arrange for DIY vases and wedding invitations from local orphanages and handicap centers as your contribution towards a better cause. Include their names and numbers to make your wedding more meaningful while keeping it on a budget.

#6 | Food Catering

Catering is one of the most expensive overheads in a wedding. If you keep your wedding guest list to 50, then you may be able to control the catering expenses to £32 a head. An excellent way to control catering expenses is to have a buffet style layout or barbeque party. Some venues even allow guests to bring their own alcohol. This will help greatly in controlling the costs of buying additional liquor.

#7 | Photographer and Entertainment

Book a photographer at reasonable rates well in advance so that you can get the entire package deal for all the family, individual, and portrait shoots. You could also get a trainee photographer to click raw images which you could edit at your own leisure. For your wedding entertainment, compile a list of your favorite songs and load them all into an iPod playlist to play throughout the reception. This is the best way to cut down on DJ costs and live bands.

Wedding photographer

Hiring a budget photographer

You can have a fantastic wedding if you only plan it well. Try and save on the décor as much as possible with the help of your friends and family. Another quick tip: only use seasonal flowers for your décor and bouquet. Ask your bridesmaids to do your hair and makeup to save on the additional expenses. Coordinate everything gracefully to make your wedding a smashing success!