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Saving Money on Your Bills During a Pandemic – Essential Tips

The global pandemic is challenging us all

Guest post by Zoe Price

This global pandemic has been a challenge for many UK households. Families have had to use some ingenuity to make ends meet. At the same time, it has made a lot of us more conscious of our spending habits and has forced many to take budgeting much more seriously.

The good news is that this crisis can be a great time to put your finances back in order. It is also an opportunity to look at ways you could save on your monthly bills. You’d be surprised at how much money you could be saving by making some simple adjustments and using the right resources. Here are a few tips for saving money on your bills during a pandemic.

Take Advantage of the Competition

There is absolutely no reason to stay stuck to the same provider forever, and you can think again if you believe they care about your loyalty. As a matter of fact, utility companies will spend much more time and effort trying to get back clients they’ve lost, keep those on the verge of leaving, or getting new customers signed up.

This is why it’s always a wise decision to change providers every three to four years or try to negotiate with yours. There are so many different mobile and energy companies competing with one another. It would be a shame if you didn’t take advantage of the competition.

It’s worth searching for broadband deals as well. You could use a service like usave, for instance, and use their broadband comparison site to check for the best broadband deals available. You will be able to compare broadband deals across 15 different providers and make the switch quickly and easily. All you have to do is choose the specific kind of package you’re looking for, enter your postcode, and choose from the broadband deals shown. You can then click on the provider of your choice and follow the instructions.

Change Your Cooking Habits

You may not realise it, but many people make mistakes that could appear benign on the surface but end up adding a lot of money to their monthly energy bills. One example is when people use pots that are too small for the burner. It has been estimated that using a six-inch pot or pan over an eight-inch burner could result in 40% of the heat generated by the burner being lost. If you’re someone who cooks a lot, this can easily add up at the end of each month.

Another thing you should do is always make sure that you let your meals cool down before you put them in the fridge. When a refrigerator senses an increase in temperature, it has to work extra hard to maintain the temperature, which will be reflected in your energy bills.

Wait for Low Tariff Times for Energy Intensive Activities

Another thing you should do is wait for off-peak tariffs to run energy-intensive appliances. There’s no need to run your washing machine or dishwasher in the middle of the day. These are all things that can be moved to later in the evening when costs are a little lower. Knowing the exact time when tariffs are lower and either limiting or completely shutting down certain appliances during peak hours could make a big difference to your overall costs.

Don’t Overlook Leaks

If you notice any leaks around the house, make sure that you either fix them immediately or call someone to do it for you. In many cases, a leaky tap is only a matter of replacing the washer, so this could be something you could easily do yourself. Toilets that are constantly running are another issue you must fix if you don’t want to spend more than you need to on your water bill.

Watch How You Cut and Water Your Lawn

The way you cut and water your lawn can and will make a difference in how much water you’ll need. Overwatering your lawn is a common mistake and one that can be costly in the long run. Lawns only need about one inch of water per week, and that’s including rainfall. So, if there have been downpours all week, there’s no need to water your lawn again on Saturday.

You also have to take steps to prevent evaporation. One of the ways to do that is to water your lawn when it’s colder and there’s a coat of dew, like in the morning or late evenings, for instance. Also, be careful not to cut your lawn too short, as longer strands create more shade and reduce evaporation even more.

If you know where to look and are ready to be creative, you can find tons of ways to save on your monthly bills. Just make sure that you do the footwork and be ready to readjust your daily habits as well.