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Say NO to 0870! How to Find Cheap Alternatives

Don’t pay for calls to 08 numbers!

by Kelly Henderson (follow Kelly on Twitter @kellythekiwi)

It seems that every time I need to call a business for information, advice, or to make a complaint I need to dial an ‘08’ number. And, if I am complaining, being charged for my call is only going to make matters worse. Luckily, I have found a free to use website called to help me find an alternative number.


#1 What is an 08 number?

An 08 number is one that is non-geographical, meaning that it is not set to a specific location. Most businesses and service providers list 08 numbers as their main contact number and it could end up costing you a fortune!

Numbers beginning with 0845 or 0870 are the most common and can cost anywhere from 1p to about 10p per minute if ringing from a landline. It is only recently that these numbers have been included in free call plans, but there are some premium numbers that are not included so check before you dial. If you are ringing from a mobile then the price is substantially more (from 12p to 40p per minute) and they are not included in free minute plans.

#2 What is saynoto0870?

Saynoto0870 is a UK website that gives users the opportunity to search for alternative numbers. The website is very easy to use – just click on the search link and enter the name of the company you are trying to contact.


The alternative numbers are usually those of other departments (just asked to be transferred to the one relevant to you), or the number that you would need to call if you were dialling from overseas (just drop the +44 and replace it with a 0).

Unfortunately, as the website is open to public submission, there is a risk of scammers posting fake numbers. Just be cautious, especially when divulging personal information.

#3 Is there a saynoto0870 mobile app?

Say No To 0870 is the Android version available for free on Google Play. One advantage of this app is that it separates the verified numbers from the unverified ones by setting them on a different coloured background.

saynoto0870 mobile app

saynoto0870 mobile app

On iTunes, you can get SAYNOTO0870 for £0.79. Companies are listed alphabetically or you can use the search engine to save time. Users are encouraged to get in touch with the developer if they come across a fake number so that they can be refunded and the app updated.

You’re in for a nasty surprise if you regularly dial 08 numbers. Save money by calling these numbers for free and Say NO to 0870! You can also try another free to use mobile app called WeQ4U, you can find it on App Store or Google Play Store.

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